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Equipping Project Professionals and Leaders to Thrive in a Complex World

Training that transforms the way organisations accomplish strategic initiatives


The Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme (ASEP), developed in partnership with Duke Corporate Education, is designed to extend the mindset, tool set, and skill set of project leaders, enabling them to thrive in increasingly unpredictable work environments.

Improve How Work Gets Done

Training for anyone who leads projects

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Improve My Project-Based Skills

Individual Training for Project Professionals

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Upskill My Team

Training for teams and organisation

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Our Approach

Establishing High-Functioning Organisations in Today’s Business World

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Why Project Focused Education

Why Strategy Execution

Why should you choose Strategy Execution as your Training Partner?

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University Partnerships


2018 Classroom Catalogue

Discover our broad range of open classroom courses held in London that truly transforms the way you run your projects.

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After the Training Success Stories

After the Training Success Stories

Real Applications of Strategy Execution and Project Leadership

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