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Coaching Tips for Project Managers and Their Teams

One of the hardest shifts in mind-set needed when moving from an operational to a project management role, is the letting go of the project tasks yourself. After all, you will have spent a number of years working in project teams and you performed tasks to a high standard, which helped you get that coveted project manager role. Deep down, you suspect that other people probably can’t do those tasks ...

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Top Three Skills and Competencies of a PMO Director

What are the ideal skills and competencies of a PMO Director that make him or her successful on the job? Here are some of my thoughts; I welcome any input from blog readers. First of all, let me start by saying that not every PMO is the same, so perhaps some of the skills and competencies might be more or less important in some cases. Good Business Sense Based on ...

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Insights on Teams and Project Work at Google

Did you know that Google has a website dedicated to a ‘collection of practices, research, and ideas from Google and others to help you put people first’? It’s called re:Work and a number of the practices were shared at the recent Agile Business Conference in London by one of the HR Managers from Google. re:Work- you can take a look and browse at your leisure here –  is perhaps little ...

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Stress on Strategic Projects and How to Deal With It

On strategic projects, stress is often a topic that looms just below the surface. On one of the leadership programmes we’re running it has really come to the fore. The participants are leaders of large strategic construction projects with a complex stakeholder set-up, tough clients, tight budgets and deadlines linked to stringent contracts. In addition, the health and safety concerns associated with the industry add further pressure to those who ...

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5 Ways to Share Your Vision on Strategic Projects

All projects have a vision, even if it is never written down. The vision is what you want the project to achieve. It speaks to the need to see the change and to know what is coming. Or, to say that in a less management-speak way: a project vision is a statement of what the end result will look like. Defining the end result is relatively easy for smaller projects. ...

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Design Thinking for Project Improvement

There is a culture shift required to operate effectively in a complex environment; to collaborate, to learn as you go, be curious and take risks, focus on high-value whilst still having a system or a framework. Design Thinking can give us a process as well as a new approach to decision making/ problem-solving.  It can help to respond to this key challenge; that 41% of projects fail to deliver and ...

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Agile and Agility: The Future of Work

Last week saw Agile Business Consortium celebrate 25 years since its inception with the Agile Business Conference focusing on the theme: Creating Generation Agile. The 2-day event focuses specifically on the business side of Agile – using delivery approaches and shifting mindsets to deliver projects, products and services faster and more successfully. It also focuses on the bigger remit of business agility – the need to be able to be smarter, ...

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Negotiation Skills for Project Managers

Negotiation has three major steps: planning, engagement and closure, but knowing these isn’t enough to breeze through the negotiations you have to do at work. Negotiation skills for project managers are on the long list of soft skills that project leaders should seek to improve, but how do you do that? In this article, we discuss why negotiation skills are important for project managers and share some tips for how ...

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