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Elizabeth Harrin
Elizabeth Harrin is a career project and programme manager with over a decade of experience in healthcare and financial services. She's also a content strategist, award-winning blogger and author of several books about project management. Find her online at A Girl's Guide to Project Management

How To Decide What Projects Not To Do

There are not enough resources in your company to Do All The Things. Right? You have a finite amount of money. You have a flexible (but ultimately limited by money) pool of people to do the work. You probably have a long list of good ideas and business cases that you’d like to turn into projects. Or, to rephrase, you have a long list of work ides that senior managers ...

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Six Reasons Why Strategy Execution Goes Wrong And How To Recover

You’ve created a robust corporate strategy and aligned all your projects. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for your strategy to be delivered, right? Unfortunately, it’s not often as simple as that! In this article, we share six reasons why strategy execution might go wrong and how you can address them. 1. Get Alignment Right First, strategic execution can fail because the work the business ...

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5 Ways to Share Your Vision on Strategic Projects

All projects have a vision, even if it is never written down. The vision is what you want the project to achieve. It speaks to the need to see the change and to know what is coming. Or, to say that in a less management-speak way: a project vision is a statement of what the end result will look like. Defining the end result is relatively easy for smaller projects. ...

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Negotiation Skills for Project Managers

Negotiation has three major steps: planning, engagement and closure, but knowing these isn’t enough to breeze through the negotiations you have to do at work. Negotiation skills for project managers are on the long list of soft skills that project leaders should seek to improve, but how do you do that? In this article, we discuss why negotiation skills are important for project managers and share some tips for how ...

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Top 5 Competencies for Strategic Project Managers

Is there a difference between managing ‘ordinary’ projects and managing ‘strategic’ projects? I think that there is. First, we have to acknowledge that there are different types of project. Of course, no project should be started that doesn’t have some direct link back to the strategy and purpose of the organisation. Otherwise, what’s the point of doing it at all? If it doesn’t help the company move forward, it’s not ...

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Managing Communication on Strategic Projects

Communication is an important part of any project, but it seems to me that strategic initiatives need even more of a focus on engaging stakeholders and communicating effectively. With a strategic project there is far more to lose if the message doesn’t get across in a way that creates commitment and action. Having said that, I don’t think that the core principles of communication are that different between strategic projects ...

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Building Teams To Improve Strategy Execution

The concepts of strategic alignment have been around for some time. You probably see this most clearly in staff appraisal processes. Wherever I have worked, my manager has waited to get objectives from his or her manager and so on, and then cascaded objectives to me. The point is that everyone in the organisation, from the CEO to the most junior or personnel, has objectives for the year that hang ...

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How To Improve Credibility as a Project Manager

When I’m mentoring project managers one of the key things I hear time and time again is that they want to be given more responsibility and have greater influence over the work. Project managers often struggle from not having budget and resource responsibility. If you don’t control these elements of the project, you don’t really have the option to take many decisions about how the work unfolds. You can’t do ...

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