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Florian Ivan
Florian is a project management consultant and trainer with a strong focus on Agile methodologies. He is working with organisations of different sizes and from various industries and helping them to become more agile.
If you need more information for his bio, there is more on https://www.rolf-consulting.com/florian/

Curiosity is the New Normal

More and more adults probably feel like children in a complex business world that doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before. Like children, we try to make sense of the surrounding world and the best way to do this is with a sense of curiosity. This curiosity is what allows us to gather information, try new things, and adapt our execution based on the situation. Before looking at our new ...

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The Danger of Busyness

I like to cook. Well, I don’t really like to cook, but I like the result of cooking. I don’t like the heat, the grease, the (right) ingredients (I always forget something!) or the kitchen scale which I still don’t know how to use correctly. What I like is to see the food on a plate at the end – The tangible result of a few hours of work. This ...

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Benefit Realisation in Agile Projects

We talk a lot about benefits realisation in project management and probably even more about Agile. But what about the two put together? Many agilists would probably laugh because, for many of them, agile equals delivering benefits so something like “delivering benefits with Agile” might sound a bit obvious. But let’s look at some details. Agile is a lot about iterative and incremental product building, which in itself should deliver ...

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Is DevOps Possible Without Agile?

A few months ago, I was having a coffee with a fellow Agile Coach talking about DevOps when he suddenly says “what is DevOps anyway?”. To which I replied, “You’re right!”. Sounds like a joke? It’s not! In IT projects DevOps is nothing more than pure Agile implemented properly. While Agile popularity is at its height, DevOps is still very fresh for many. While it looks like there are some ...

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Managing Big Data Projects in an Agile Way

Like Agile wasn’t big enough as a buzz word, let’s mix it with big data. Joke aside, doing Agile when engaged in big data projects is almost a must. Of course, other options are also available but Agile practices and techniques are much more suitable for these sorts of projects. We’re going to focus here on two sides of the story: why doing Agile is the right thing and what ...

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Agile + PMO = Love

Agile + PMO = Love But then, love is always complicated  This is a topic that will probably not catch a lot of attention. Because those who do Agile don’t want to hear about PMOs (too rigid, tend to kill agility,etc.) and those in PMOs don’t want to hear about Agile (no planning, no documentation, no management, etc.). Bad news for all of you! The world has changed and you ...

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How Can You Become a True Customer-Driven Organisation with Agile?

When talking to my business clients I like to ask the question: “Why do you want to become a customer-centric organisation?” And the response I usually get is along the lines of: “What else would we do?” Despite it being the decent thing to do, as well as sounding good, there is another, more important reason to becoming customer-driven – it pays off. In other words, it is the profitable ...

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How Do You Become Agile as an Individual?

And Change the World in Doing So? The “Why Are You Here?” Question Every time I deliver a course I like to ask the participants why they want to learn about Agile. I guess that’s a pretty common question for an Agile class. Except, in most cases, I tend to repeat two or even three times the “why” question. One of the most thrilling experiences of delivering a class is ...

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