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Penny Pullan
Penny Pullan works with people in multinational organizations who are grappling with high risk international projects and programmes of change, often involving a complex and culturally diverse mix of stakeholders. Within this context, Penny is experienced in bringing order and clarity, giving support, and providing the tools needed to cut through the problems and deliver benefits, whilst helping the individuals involved to develop. Penny is author of Business Analysis and Leadership: Influencing change and each June hosts the Virtual Working Summit . Clients of Penny's company Making Projects Work Ltd include Novo Nordisk, AbbVie, NFU Mutual, Quintiles, the UK Government, ESI and others from financial services, technology and pharmaceutical multinationals.

The Changing Role of the Business Analyst

The role of the business analyst is changing, providing more value than ever to the organizations that employ business analysts. Even ten years ago, BAs might expect their career to progress into project management if they wanted to move up the career ladder. Nowadays, there are plenty of lead BAs managing teams of business analysts on complex projects, others working on business architecture and Target Operating Models at the enterprise ...

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Business Analysis – Valued More than Ever

A month ago, I was in the Middle East, running a Business Analysis workshop, when a thought struck me. Something was very different. Something quite fundamental had changed. Looking around the room, I realized what it was. Ten years ago, when I started travelling to run workshops in the Arabian Peninsula, the only people who attended were business analysts by profession. This time, over half of the participants were medical ...

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What are the Root Causes of Business Analyst and Project Manager Tensions?

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a rapid expansion of business analysis in projects. As a consultant working with companies across the globe, I’ve noticed a corresponding rise in the levels of tension between the key people leading projects, especially between project managers (PMs) and business analysts (BAs). In some organizations, the PMs and the BAs work together productively. In others, they can appear to be in almost constant conflict! ...

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