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Rebecca Leitch
Rebecca Leitch is a marketeer at TwentyEighty Strategy Execution - focused on bringing new project management content for the PM community.

Strategy Execution is an Evolving Art

Back in 2007 the American Management Association [1] conducted a study which defined “strategy” and “strategy execution” as: “strategy, “a major plan that an organization makes to attain a defined and positive business goal,” and strategy execution, “the process of implementing such plans and achieving such goals.” They also stated back ...

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Strategy Execution Today

Like the business world we occupy and the organisations we help, Strategy Execution needs to keep up with the constant pace of change in order to stay relevant. Over the past few years we have evolved and refined our position as the leading educator of project professionals. As we focus ...

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The Value of Communication on Business Success

In our previous blog, why it’s critical to measure a project’s strategic impact, we touch on how better communication across all levels allows project leaders to drive productive conversations across different departments and across all roles. This week we look into the reasons why communication is so valuable to business success. Being an ...

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Six Ways to Improve Business Performance

In recent weeks we have covered the strategic importance of projects, how to measure and report their impact and the leadership skills that are essential to execute these projects. (You can find these blogs in our Strategy Execution archive.) That is because, in today’s complex and competitive business environment, projects aligned with ...

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