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Sean Lowe
Sean P. Lowe, PMP, CRISC is an information technology project manager and freelance writer with 15 years’ experience in managing systems integration, process development and enhancement and Information Security Compliance Assessment Projects.

Opportunity Management in Project Management

When asked how typical risk management exercises are conducted, most project managers reply that this involves conversations and documentation around risk events and their respective probabilities and impacts. While this is a necessary and beneficial exercise, this standard approach and mind-set does not account for taking time to recognise and focus on maximising opportunities, and it often leads the team and project manager in the opposite direction. Effective risk management ...

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Using SMART Planning for Better Project Manager Feedback

Imagine your project is in full stride and things are going splendidly. The majority of your team members are happy and the sponsor is pleased with your latest status report, ETC numbers and the team’s progress to date. As implementation winds down, you complete planned project closure activities. Before you can say rumplestilsken, the team disbands. Then there’s that all too familiar empty, sinking feeling, partially because the other three ...

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Seven Steps to Becoming a Risk Superhero

Risk management can be a deep, cavernous and potentially career-limiting endeavour if not properly planned. Unfortunately, project managers often approach risk in a purely one-dimensional fashion, without considering many essential components such as the company risk climate, the project’s strategic fit, key player and stakeholder involvement and buy-in. Ensuring risk ownership, addressing supply-chain concerns and utilising applicable lessons learned and historical documentation from previous projects will greatly reduce project management ...

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Managing Information Security Projects

Certainly no profession is recession proof, but an abundance of IT and information asset protection needs are creating many opportunities for project managers willing and able to undertake and deliver information security projects. The worlds of information access and information security are inextricably joined, and as such, data must be readily available and accessible to all who need it, yet its confidentiality and integrity also simultaneously maintained. Who are these ...

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