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Agile 2.0

Back in September I listened in to a few sessions on PMI’s Organizational Agility Conference 2016 which was a virtual member’s only event.  The day long event had various sessions all themed around an organisation’s ability to transform into an agile way of working. It included – what I call ...

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The Looming Skills Crisis in Agile

About two years ago I decided I needed to know more about Agile. I had read several books on the topic, including Jim Highsmith’s Agile Project Management, but reading about it wasn’t enough for me. Although I had worked in IT for almost 17 years, a majority of which was ...

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PMOs Supporting Agile Projects

PMOs have a part to play in supporting an organisation’s move to incorporate Agile as a way to deliver projects. In the Uncertain Role of the PMO in Agile Environments we explored the role of the PMO in assisting activities in organisational readiness – getting the organisation ready to start ...

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Becoming Agile with ShuHaRi

Earlier this month I managed to catch a presentation from Florian Ivan on Becoming Agile with ShuHaRi. Florian has already created a few blog posts already about the Agile Organisation and I was keen to see where a Japanese martial arts concept fits with agile. The full presentation from Florian ...

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Becoming an Agile Organisation

Agile organisations put their customers at the centre of everything they do. In Agile Organisations First, Agile Projects Second it was highlighted that agile organisations work hard to understand what the real values and benefits of what they do really means to their customers. It is this mindshift that is ...

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