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The Changing Role of the Business Analyst

The role of the business analyst is changing, providing more value than ever to the organizations that employ business analysts. Even ten years ago, BAs might expect their career to progress into project management if they wanted to move up the career ladder. Nowadays, there are plenty of lead BAs ...

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The Intrapreneurial Business Analyst

The role of the BA is transitioning from a humble ‘Taker of Requirements’ into a Leader, an Innovator and a Disruptor and this year’s conference presented a myriad of exciting new areas including the Agile BA, design thinking visual modelling, as well as creativity, innovation and leadership. The BA Europe ...

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Business Analysis – Valued More than Ever

A month ago, I was in the Middle East, running a Business Analysis workshop, when a thought struck me. Something was very different. Something quite fundamental had changed. Looking around the room, I realized what it was. Ten years ago, when I started travelling to run workshops in the Arabian ...

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Business Process Modelling Notation for Business Analysts

Workflow modelling has long been accomplished by technical resources attempting to add context to technical requirements. As industry has progressed along with complexities of business management, we have again found the need to specialise and segregate responsibilities. As a result, many business analysts have moved from a purely technical requirements ...

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The Business Analyst as a Change Agent

The most successful organisations are able to identify opportunities for self-improvement and conceive of changes that can make them more efficient, more successful and better equipped to achieve their goals. But, all too often, these new ideas get discussed, everyone resoundingly agrees they’re a good idea and then, somehow, the ...

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