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How to Coach Your Manager

You may think that coaching has a limited use and that it’s a tool only for professional coaches and for managers when guiding their teams. But have you ever considered that as a project manager you can also coach upwards and use it with your own manager? As a tool ...

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Coaching Tips for Project Managers

One of the hardest shifts in mind-set needed when moving from an operational to a project management role, is the letting go of the project tasks yourself. After all, you will have spent a number of years working in project teams and you performed tasks to a high standard, which ...

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The Project Manager as a Coach

Most project managers who have received any training at all have undoubtedly heard about the need to delegate. As we cannot manage significant projects and perform all necessary tasks ourselves, delegation is an absolute must to expand one’s capabilities as a project manager. Smart project managers, however, go beyond delegating; ...

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