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5 Skills for Project Sponsors

When project teams come together for the first time, the skills of the resources are mapped against the skills needed to be able to deliver the project successfully. This analysis shows where there are gaps. As a result, anyone in the team who needs training will get it. If they ...

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Tips for a Successful Project Kick-Off

Some time ago, TheLadders reported that your resume has 6.25 seconds to impress a recruiter and make the ‘cut’. Phil McAleer, a psychologist at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, led a study that found impressions were made just from hearing someone say “Hello.” Considering first impressions are formed within seconds, ...

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Getting Your Message Across

You’ll have heard it said before: project managers spend lots of their time communicating. And I mean lots – upwards of 80%. So getting your communication right and your message across is important as it will mean all that effort is actually worth it. When it goes wrong you have ...

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