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Five Steps to Influence Your Project Forward

With business culture moving from “command and control” into more collaborative and cross-functional teams, project leaders now have to be able to manage team members without having any formal authority. More subtle approaches like influence and adaptability are now needed to move a project forward – but many of those ...

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4 Pillars in the Leadership Stack

Successful leadership relies on it on being distributed. We need leaders at all levels in our businesses. The days are gone when the CEO in the top floor suite was considered the only leader in the place. Strategic execution – the process of getting your business goals actually delivered – ...

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The Top 10 Adaptive Leadership Trends for 2018

“We’re witnessing a movement in the way that companies organise, innovate, problem solve, and create value,” Today’s business environment demands a more collaborative, blended approach to getting work done. Organisations need leaders who have mastery over their technical skills paired with an adaptive mindset, enabling the ability to pivot and ...

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Five Ways To Reduce Resistance To Change

Recently I wrote on this blog about ways to spot resistance to change. Having recognised that your team is feeling uncomfortable about the transformation effort, or whatever this project is changing about the way they do their jobs, you’ll want to do something constructive about that. My top tip is ...

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