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Prepping for the PMI PMP

Last week I had the pleasure of a week in Stockholm and the challenge of shepherding a group through preparing for their PMI PMP® exam. So far I’ve had three emails: “Yipee I passed” and one, “I’m now booked for next Wednesday – wish me luck” with about 10 more ...

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The Project Management Maze

Since Egyptian times we have been led down blind alleys; circumnavigated the loops and turns as we try to find the “goal” or exit. Whilst we try out the physical maze just for the fun of it today, the maze that is project management is something far more serious. Consider the ...

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How project managers should manage requirements

One of the biggest reasons projects fail is due to a lack of commonly agreed – and commonly understood – requirements. Without effective planning, communication and testing in the early days of the development process, project teams are vulnerable to requirement defects, and will therefore only discover problems when they ...

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How to build on your Project Management skills

Earlier this year, the BBC had to concede failure of their Digital Media Initiative (DMI) project after spending £98.4 million ($152 million). More recently, healthcare.gov in the USA has dominated press coverage with its $500 million project failure. High-profile projects like these have put a spotlight on the project management ...

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