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Nurturing Learning

What is Your Project Learning Style?

There is a lot of importance placed on continuous learning: if you’ve done your PMP® study and passed the exam you’ll know that professional education doesn’t stop when you get your certificates. Many professional bodies have an obligation for members to carry on learning so that their skills are up ...

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How to build on your Project Management skills

Earlier this year, the BBC had to concede failure of their Digital Media Initiative (DMI) project after spending £98.4 million ($152 million). More recently, healthcare.gov in the USA has dominated press coverage with its $500 million project failure. High-profile projects like these have put a spotlight on the project management ...

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The benefits of blended learning

The concept of blended learning – a training programme that delivers a mix of classroom and online modules, has existed since technological advances paved the way for less dependence on traditional teaching methods. But economic factors have played a more significant part in changing the way professionals are now trained – particularly ...

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The Value of Learning Sustainment

Tighter budgets require smarter resource management. Yet one of the most overlooked, yet solid investments an organisation can make is in its human capital. Employee training, when applied back on the job, can have many benefits. According to a 2011 global survey conducted by ESI International, a majority of organisations ...

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