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PMO Best Practices

PMO Competencies First, PMO Software Second

It is possible that all of us have attended Project Management Exhibitions and have been impressed with the array of very sophisticated technologies available for our PMO work. The vendors demonstrate the software engineering elegance; it looks so easy to drive these powerful tools, with their array of functions that ...

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Do PMOs Add Value or Add Cost?

Dr. Brian Hobbs of the University of  Quebec in Montreal, Canada, under a research grant from PMI, conducted a very interesting study on the PMO entitled: “The Multi-Project PMO: A Global Analysis of the Current State of Practice.” The goal of the survey was to use the results as a ...

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The PMO – What Does it Stand For?

I have been told by others, both inside and outside the profession and even that ultimate source Wikipedia that it stands for: Programme Management Office Project Management Office Portfolio Management Office The P can mean different things to different organisations which is what often leads to confusion around what the ...

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Four Steps to the PMO Value Improvement

In today’s economy, every company and organisation is struggling to do more with less, and performance is paramount. This is true for public and private sector entities, as well as for non-profits. Which is why, in order to prevail in lean times, it’s essential to optimise every operation of your ...

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The PMO Business Case

I had the opportunity to speak at an IT conference in Europe on the topic of the “PMO Business Case”. Recognising it is always dangerous to assume who the audience is and their experiences I prepared a presentation on the basis of exploring some of the challenges of gaining organisational ...

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