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PMO Maturity levels

How to create a strategically-aligned PMO

To be successful today, and take advantage of improvements in the market, businesses need to innovate their products and services – not just deliver enough to keep their customer happy. But organisations are only going to be able to achieve this if they start aligning projects with strategic initiatives. The ...

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How to implement a project methodology that drives results

While there is certainly value in the efficiencies of repeatable process, common lexicon and familiar tools, unfortunately process often replaces creativity, critical thinking and the entrepreneurial spirit of an organisation, as team members become checklist drones. When we speak of specific methodologies, a lot of managers lean on some turn-key ...

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Who put the ‘M’ in PMO?

The acronym PMO might mean a Project Management Office to you – but it can also stand for Programme Management Office (confusingly also a PMO) or even a Portfolio Management Office (increasingly confusingly also a PMO). There is even talk of a Project Office (PO), a Project Control Office (PCO), a ...

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Why it pays to be active in sustainable learning

Learning drives desired results, but a learning programme can only be effective if it is sustainable. The key to making it sustainable is to find a balance between building an individual’s skills through training and education, and ensuring their growth is channelled into driving results. By this we mean the ...

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The right ingredients for a balanced PMO

Marissa Mayer the new CEO of Yahoo, tasked with rescuing this once mighty company, has done many things in her first few months in charge, including the creation of ‘PB&J’ – an internal, online service, designed to cut away ribbons of red tape. A play on ‘peanut butter and jelly’ ...

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