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The PMO as the Centre Leader

There has been much written and taught about leadership in project management yet very little about the PMO – and what kind of leadership they provide. The PMO Flashmob was hosted at TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s offices in London for an evening event all about PMO Leadership. There were different aspects ...

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The Next Generation PMO

At last month’s PMO Conference in London the sessions and conversations were all about the relationship between the PMO and the business or organisation a PMO sits within. The overriding message is – the PMO belongs to the business and it is there to response to business needs. Whatever they ...

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Advancing the PMO as a Training Centre

This is a question that has frequently been asked in delivery organisations and one which TwentyEighty Strategy Execution also picked up on in the last Global State of the PMO Report back in 2015: Sixty-five percent surveyed said their PMO is involved in training. Top PMO involvement includes direct training ...

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How is the PMO Changing?

During a recent roundtable discussion event, the question was “How is the PMO changing?”. The idea was that each person around the table could contribute based on their different perspectives and experiences. There was a mix of consultants, current practitioners, trainers and me. For me there are two different perspectives; ...

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Resource Management and the PMO

In the Global State of the PMO Report released by 2080 Strategy Execution in 2015, the biggest perceived challenge for PMOs today is resource management. A range of PMO professionals highlighted specific resource management areas which were lacking or current services were inadequate. These services included providing corporate resource capacity ...

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When a PMO Shuts Down

Earlier this year the Global State of the PMO Report for 2015 was launched. One area which wasn’t explored fully in the report were the cases where respondents have experienced the shut down of their PMO. When asked in the initial survey, 26% said their organisation doesn’t currently have a ...

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