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Do You Have the Resources To Deliver?

Once your organisational strategy is in place, you should be looking at how you can deliver the projects that will help you achieve those strategic goals. That sounds fine in principle, but the big challenge for businesses is making sure that they have the people to do the work. You ...

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Making Sense of Portfolio Management

I spoke at the PMO Conference in London last week. Loads of fun. Like everyone else I listened to our opening Keynote speaker first, Mark Price Perry. He said, with great insight; “people get the Project Management Office’s purpose all wrong, they get the definition of projects wrong”. I agree ...

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Top Five Skills Areas for a Portfolio Director

Portfolio management – the way an organisation knows which programmes and projects they should be delivering in order to meet their strategic goals for the business. And for that to happen there has to be someone accountable. Step forward the Portfolio Director role. Portfolio Directors, as a role within project ...

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6 Principles of Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is there to help with the selection and governance of projects and programmes with the aim of delivering the strategic plan. But what principles underpin good portfolio management? I mean, there has to be more to it than the buzzwords of strategic alignment and putting projects into categories, ...

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Are projects complex or just complicated?

The latest in a long line of project management buzz is ‘complex’ projects. We like to differentiate between the normal run-of-the-mill projects where repeatability is high or the cost and risks are low, with projects that are huge innovative things that last years and eat up resources at a phenomenal rate. Yet the debate has yet to provide a clear answer or definition of what a complex project is – or in fact what a complicated project is. At the recent eva19 conference in Central London which included complex projects as a theme; it was proposed at the very basic level that we re-look at the project management ‘iron triangle’ and add two further dimensions

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