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The Basics of Programme Management

Programme management is the essential vehicle of organisation change and that is at least in part responsible for the awful confusion surrounding the word programme. Here are a few words to clarify before offering some essentials for ‘How To Manage A Programme’. First is it program or programme? Well in ...

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Nine Skills You Need To Move Into Programme Management

Programme Management: is this a career path you’ve thought about? As businesses get more savvy with project management and start aligning projects together into programmes of work, the need for skilled programme managers grows. Programme management isn’t the same as managing projects and the skills you need are quite different. ...

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Programme Management Versus Project Management

I got thinking about the whole programme management versus project management debate the other day and here I lay down some thoughts about the standards today, look at what’s missing and give a new definition for programme management. If, as an organisation we recognise what programmes and projects are and ...

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Are projects complex or just complicated?

The latest in a long line of project management buzz is ‘complex’ projects. We like to differentiate between the normal run-of-the-mill projects where repeatability is high or the cost and risks are low, with projects that are huge innovative things that last years and eat up resources at a phenomenal rate. Yet the debate has yet to provide a clear answer or definition of what a complex project is – or in fact what a complicated project is. At the recent eva19 conference in Central London which included complex projects as a theme; it was proposed at the very basic level that we re-look at the project management ‘iron triangle’ and add two further dimensions

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