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Self-Promotion and the Project Manager

You’ve got good experience; some great project management skills; got some decent project management training under your belt and you’re part of a formal community like PMI. But there is something else that a good professional project manager does that enables their career to head in the right direction – ...

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Five Routes into a Project Management Career

Do you want to get into project management? If so, you’re not the only one. Project management, over the last decade, has become increasingly popular with people from across a wide range of industries. Perhaps it’s because project-based working has become increasingly in organisations so more and more operational roles ...

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The Project Management Job Race

Like it or not, when it comes to gaining a new project management opportunity it can feel very much like a race – facing competitors, jumping over hurdles, getting in the ‘zone’ at interviews and ultimately winning or losing. In this article we take a look at five key areas ...

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Who Owns Your Project Management Career Plan?

Last month the latest Project Management Benchmark Report was launched by Arras People and one of the areas touched on was the project management career development plan. About 2000 project practitioners were asked, “Who owns your career development plan?” The question was posed to try to understand how much control ...

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How to Retain Project Managers

In ESI’s latest Talent Survey (released last month and available to download here) it was highlighted how difficult it was to hire the right project management staff for current and future projects. 88% of respondents indicated that the more complex a project is, the harder it is to find the ...

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Six Reasons Why Organisations Find it Difficult to Hire Project Managers

36% of respondents claimed that small projects were difficult to staff, 67% of respondents claimed difficulties for staffing medium-size projects and 88% of respondents claimed staffing difficulties for large-scale projects. These are the latest figures from ESI’s Project Management Talent Survey 2014 Report which was launched last week at PMI’s ...

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