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Getting Your Message Across

You’ll have heard it said before: project managers spend lots of their time communicating. And I mean lots – upwards of 80%. So getting your communication right and your message across is important as it will mean all that effort is actually worth it. When it goes wrong you have ...

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How to share the secrets of project management

Project managers can often be mistaken for wizards in the business world – the ones that, when there is business change, swoop down Merlin-like with big complicated charts, PC’s and frightening words like Risk, Resources and Critical Path. Then, as if by magic, make it all happen. In truth though, ...

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How to make project reports more valuable

In an often mentioned study by Industry Week, 2000 managers reported wasting 30 % of their time in meetings, which aligns with the 25-50% found in a 3M Meeting Network survey of executives.   Given that a Harris Interactive study also found that 67% of workers spend 1-4 hours preparing for ...

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How project managers should manage requirements

One of the biggest reasons projects fail is due to a lack of commonly agreed – and commonly understood – requirements. Without effective planning, communication and testing in the early days of the development process, project teams are vulnerable to requirement defects, and will therefore only discover problems when they ...

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How to make project managers more productive

A recent Labour Market Outlook report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has highlighted that organisations will not necessarily increase their recruitment activity in the medium term, despite the recent increased confidence in the economy. Instead, organisations will be looking to make “more intensive use of their existing staff” ...

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