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Curiosity is the New Normal

More and more adults probably feel like children in a complex business world that doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before. Like children, we try to make sense of the surrounding world and the best way to do this is with a sense of curiosity. This curiosity is what allows us to gather information, try new things, and adapt our execution based on the situation. Before looking at our new ...

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How to Build Support for Strategic Change Projects

Strategic change projects that have been commissioned from the top of the organisation can have wide-ranging effects on the employees that are impacted by them. Imagine, for example, a decision to roll out a new CRM system across the company, or the decision to move the company’s headquarters to a cheaper location further away from the city centre. Whereas some employees may welcome the change, others will oppose it. The ...

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Five Ways To Reduce Resistance To Change

Recently I wrote on this blog about ways to spot resistance to change. Having recognised that your team is feeling uncomfortable about the transformation effort, or whatever this project is changing about the way they do their jobs, you’ll want to do something constructive about that. My top tip is to think about the fact that implementing new strategy is going to make people anxious. Whether your strategic plan takes ...

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Budgeting for Project Scope Change

Managing change is one the most difficult areas of project management. Hardly do you find a project not affected by change. The success of your project delivery depends to a larger extent on the effectiveness of the organisation’s change control process. Effective change control involves a well-thought-out procedure for reviewing, analysing and accepting or rejecting requests for change in order to limit the potential damage to the scope. The control ...

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Getting Started with Change Management

The purpose of all projects is to implement change and to help an organisation move from a current state (how things are done today) to a desired future state (with new processes, systems, organisation structures or job roles). Whilst project management is about delivering the project’s requirements, change management focuses on the people impacted by the change and helps individuals to make a successful personal transition to the new state. As change management is all about ...

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