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Risk Management

How Many Kinds of Uncertainty Are There?

The sixth edition of ‘A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge’ (PMBOK6) takes a major step forward in its treatment of risk, not only addressing a wider range of ‘uncertainty’ than the simple event (it happens or it doesn’t) risk, but also acknowledging the necessity to integrate project ...

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7 Ways To Level Up Your Risk Management

Risk management is a staple skill of project managers. As the project environments we work in get more and more complex, with greater levels of uncertainty and more transformative, disruptive projects, being able to deal with risk remains top of the list of desirable skills for managers in all areas ...

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7 Ways To Mitigate Risk on Projects

As project managers, we know that risk mitigation is a ‘thing’. We talk about mitigating risk. We have a column on our risk logs for mitigation strategies. But what does it actually mean? How do you do risk mitigation? Here are 7 of the most common ways to mitigate risk: ...

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How Your Team Makes Your Project More Risky

What if I told you that there were risks to your project that you have probably completely overlooked? Most of the time when project managers do risk management, we focus on getting the team together, reviewing tasks, identifying what might stop or impede the project from moving forward. We write ...

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