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How to Innovate Using Design Thinking

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment, organisations need speed, innovation and breakthrough solutions if they are to achieve. In a previous blog How to Structure Your Organisation to Drive Innovation, we discussed how  strategic project management supplies the key ingredients for choosing and executing innovative products ...

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The Top 10 Adaptive Leadership Trends for 2018

“We’re witnessing a movement in the way that companies organise, innovate, problem solve, and create value,” Today’s business environment demands a more collaborative, blended approach to getting work done. Organisations need leaders who have mastery over their technical skills paired with an adaptive mindset, enabling the ability to pivot and ...

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The Strategy Execution Office

In his webinar, Prof Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez talked about how, for business leaders, strategy execution seems to be one of those business areas or concepts that eludes them. We wrote about some of the tips in the post Why Prioritisation Matters in Strategy Execution. One of the areas mentioned that particularly ...

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Why Prioritisation Matters in Strategy Execution

Strategy execution, in its simplest definition, is all about ensuring the strategy set by an organisation is achieved through action by those working in an organisation. The initial action, which tends to require a change for the organisation, is achieved through portfolio, programme and project management. In his webinar, Prof ...

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