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Critical Project Management Skillsets for the Future

Critical Skills for Project Management

In 2019, Strategy Execution conducted a global survey among project execution professionals across the world to better understand the skill and capability gaps preventing organisations from executing successfully on their most critical strategic priorities. In addition, we also worked with our partners at Duke Corporate Education to analyse the state of project management and the project-based economy.

Project Based Organisations ReportThis report also highlights the growing trend of Project-Based Organisations (PBO) which organise themselves around project-based work as supposed to operational activities.

You can read the report Emerging Trends in Project Management and Project-Based Organisations here.

Critical skillsets for the future

Five top skill areas that organisations need to tackle to help their leaders, drawn from the results of the ‘Emerging Trends in Project-Based Work’ study:

  1. Many leaders require stronger business skills and insights to understand an organisation’s strategic priorities, said 86% or respondents. Only then can they select the right work to be done and eliminate projects or work that should not be started or continued.
  2. 86% of respondents also felt leaders need help to develop a problem-solving mindset and tool-kit so they can resolve issues in different ways and think more innovatively about the projects they are working on.
  3. Many of those questioned (83%) want to see as much focus on building the right adaptive leadership mindsets as there is on boosting technical project management skills.
  4. Project managers also need to build a portfolio of management skills, according to 83% of those asked. This will help them to become better at prioritising competing projects to meet shifting business needs.
  5. Eight out of 10 respondents believe just as much attention needs to be paid to improving softer interpersonal skills as to boosting technical skills as the evolution to more project-driven work brings uncertainty.

Strategy Execution CEO Christoffer Ellehuus is featured in Business and Industry, a publication enclosed with every copy of Sunday’s The Telegraph newspaper. In the article Christoffer talks about how organisations need to be ready for the increasing complexity of projects and the skillsets and mindsets of leaders needed to drive change in the business.

You can find the online article >> Leaders must adapt to huge growth in project-based work

In a bid to improve project management training, Strategy Execution has partnered with Duke Corporate Education to deliver the Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme.
This is a combination of classroom and online courses that help industry leaders obtain the change management and project leadership skills necessary to execute the strategic projects that will drive their companies forward.

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