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Why Strategy Execution Should be Top Priority For Leaders – Yet Often Gets Ignored

Join our webinar on the 5th December presented by Antonio Rodriguez, the world’s leading champion of project management and strategy implementation. Antonio will discuss why it is that senior executives do not regard strategy execution as an important means for their organisations to succeed in their long term plans. Through years of research, Antonio has discovered that most leaders see strategy execution as something abstract, often left to destiny. Consequently, ...

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Strategy Execution Today

Like the business world we occupy and the organisations we help, Strategy Execution needs to keep up with the constant pace of change in order to stay relevant. Over the past few years we have evolved and refined our position as the leading educator of project professionals. As we focus on providing training solutions that elevates individuals’ project work – as well as equipping leaders with the skills they need ...

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Understanding Your Project Management Strengths and Gaps

The UK government has introduced a Project Delivery Capability Framework (PDCF), which maps the career paths, competencies and development opportunities for individuals working in government in project delivery roles. It’s a PDF document than anyone can access and it’s very long. However, it is useful for anyone trying to work out where their career might take them, or for those trying to establish career paths and job families in their ...

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Do You Have the Resources To Deliver?

Once your organisational strategy is in place, you should be looking at how you can deliver the projects that will help you achieve those strategic goals. That sounds fine in principle, but the big challenge for businesses is making sure that they have the people to do the work. You may already have a team of perfectly skilled, independent workers who are available at a moment’s notice to do the ...

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Contract Management Skills for Project Managers

During the late 1910s and early 1920s, the Ford Motor Corporation constructed the world’s largest industrial complex along the banks of the Rouge River in Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford’s vision of mass production included not only the first production lines, but also the centralisation of the entire production chain. Iron ore and coal were shipped in by Great Lakes steamers and railroad, iron ore smelted to produce iron, and then ...

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How To Align Project Goals to Strategy

I’m sure you have heard people talk time and time again about how important it is to align project goals to business strategy – I’ve written about it before along with many other commentators. It really is the current challenge for today’s project leaders. But what is often missing from the conversation is how you are supposed to do this. We acknowledge that it’s important and that it won’t happen ...

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The PMO as the Centre Leader

There has been much written and taught about leadership in project management yet very little about the PMO – and what kind of leadership they provide. The PMO Flashmob was hosted at TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s offices in London for an evening event all about PMO Leadership. There were different aspects to consider; the type of organisation people work in; the culture of the organisation; the marketplace in which they operate; ...

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How Many Kinds of Uncertainty Are There?

The sixth edition of ‘A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge’ (PMBOK6) takes a major step forward in its treatment of risk, not only addressing a wider range of ‘uncertainty’ than the simple event (it happens or it doesn’t) risk, but also acknowledging the necessity to integrate project risk management with enterprise-wide risk management, the latter aimed at addressing risks to benefit delivery and achievement of strategic objectives. ...

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