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4 Pillars in the Leadership Stack

Successful leadership relies on it on being distributed. We need leaders at all levels in our businesses. The days are gone when the CEO in the top floor suite was considered the only leader in the place. Strategic execution – the process of getting your business goals actually delivered – also relies on leadership being distributed throughout the organisation. If you want to transform your business, deliver reliably and have ...

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Moving from Silos to Cross Functional Teams

Although most people need no clarification on the two terms – silos and cross-functional teams – we’ll start with some explaining just to make sure we’re on the same page. Silo is a term used frequently to describe a team who works isolated from the rest of the world. The only interaction is transactional: they receive some inputs and must produce some outputs. There are multiple interpretations of the term ...

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The Agile PMO

If you’re working in a PMO today, you’ll know that one of the hot topics right now is Agile. That’s how the PMO can support Agile delivery in the organisation; how the PMO can support overall business agility and it can also mean, how can the PMO adopt some of the Agile mindset for itself in the way it provides a service to the organisation? Anything that links the words ...

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How to Identify, Fill and Keep the Skills Gaps Closed in Strategy Execution

In a previous blog, Six Ways to Improve Business Performance, we discussed how finding the right training programme will improve strategic outcomes and overall business performance. But in order to do this leaders must first identify what skill gaps there are,  before they can fill these in and prevent future gaps through training and development. Employing the best processes in your PMO will not overcome disappointing results if the fundamental ...

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Project Managers Stepping Up: Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Delivery

As a project leadership coach I often run workshops for project managers that touch upon the differences between the role of the project manager and the role of the sponsor. In the workshops we mostly agree that the project manager is responsible for leading the team on a day-to-day basis and for delivering the agreed scope and quality within the allocated time and cost constraints. We also agree that the ...

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Managing Information Overload as a Project Manager

How many times have you been interrupted today? I’ve had Skype messages, urgent emails, people stopping by my desk, phone calls, and then I’ve been interrupting myself as well as I’ve been procrastinating on a task and went to get a cup of tea. OK, so that last interruption wasn’t a source of information overload, but it is certainly a symptom. When we feel overwhelmed, it’s easy to feel paralysed. ...

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Improving Project Team Efficiency with Agile

Today everybody talks about efficiency. It’s become the topic of the day fuelled by rumours of old companies not keeping up with young start-ups or even more apocalyptic, the rise of artificial intelligence. Regardless of why you want to do it, it is crucial topic that might just make the difference between being a success or a flop. Looking from the Agile perspective, improved efficiency is just the result of ...

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How to Involve IT in Your Projects

There’s a change happening in business, and as someone with a background in Information Technology projects, I feel it’s certainly a very welcome one. IT is coming out of the shadows and being integrated as a true strategic business partner, according to a list of the top 10 adaptive leadership trends for this year. But what does this mean for project leaders? IT underpins your business strategy – and depending ...

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