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The Seven Biggest Challenges to Effective Communication

In the article Six Tips To Deal With Resistance to Change we mentioned how in order to drive change effectively, project leaders must communicate up, down and sideways and increase support through relationships within their network, in order to help ease the transition process and ultimately, move the business forward. This week we will look at communication in more depth – in the context of how important it is in ...

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Fail Fast: Fail Safe

Late last year I headed over to Project Management & BA Summit in New York; it’s a conference that includes two distinct streams for both professions. There was also a bigger focus on the people aspects of project management and business analysis too, so I listened in to a session about failure. The session was run by a guy called Paul Crosby, he works for Bob the BA (great name!) ...

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Four Project Management and Leadership Pitfalls to Avoid when Starting Up a Project

From working on projects we know that an infinite amount of things can go wrong. The technical solution could be flawed, the user’s needs could change and team members who are instrumental to the project’s success might leave. But worst of all, proper project management and leadership might not be used. When project management isn’t employed properly, there will be no controls, no way to manage the risk and no ...

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Crowd Source Your Project Ideas

Your organisation vision and mission have been clearly defined. Clear and strong senior management commitment is visible, and reinforced at functional manager level. A clear strategy has been defined, and a new Portfolio Management Office is resourced by qualified and experienced managers. The PMO has the authority to consolidate and analyse the organisation’s projects and programmes (making recommendations to the board) and will direct, monitor and control progress towards achievement ...

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Six Tips on How to Deal with Resistance to Change

  In the last blog article we discussed how to innovate using design-thinking – and how it requires a culture that supports risk taking, divergent thinking, adaptive leadership and freedom to collaborate. In this article we are looking at how a culture that also supports change can accelerate and ensure business success. Change management is one of the most challenging components of a project’s success, but having acceptance for the changes a ...

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How to Innovate Using Design Thinking

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment, organisations need speed, innovation and breakthrough solutions if they are to achieve. In a previous blog How to Structure Your Organisation to Drive Innovation, we discussed how  strategic project management supplies the key ingredients for choosing and executing innovative products that align with an organisation’s overall strategy. This week we look at how strong organisations can innovate by fostering an ...

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Getting Started in Project Management

Working in project management is one of the most popular choices there is for making a living. Take a look around the job advising boards and salary checking websites and project management consistently comes up in the top five. For the last 16 years I’ve been working in project management recruitment and there has not been one day that goes by that I don’t get a call or enquiry from ...

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The Top 10 Adaptive Leadership Trends for 2018

“We’re witnessing a movement in the way that companies organise, innovate, problem solve, and create value,” Today’s business environment demands a more collaborative, blended approach to getting work done. Organisations need leaders who have mastery over their technical skills paired with an adaptive mindset, enabling the ability to pivot and thrive in the midst of unexpected changes. The Top 10 Adaptive Leadership Trends for 2018 from Strategy Execution further explore ...

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