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How to Improve Resistance to Change

Whatever strategic project you are working on, it’s going to have an impact on someone. Strategic, transformative change requires you to be on top form with your influencing skills because doing things that change the status quo feels uncomfortable to most people. Part of your project management role is creating an environment in which people can navigate the uncertainty – and understanding resistance to change is definitely part of that. ...

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How to Execute Projects that Support Business Strategy

Business leaders are often responsible for a variety of major initiatives – which all need to be aligned to their organisation’s strategic objectives if they are to successfully deliver on the business goals. But when the deployment of a new product takes time and resources away from a number of different departments, coordinating and sequencing all of this and ensuring things run smoothly can be a real challenge. Getting better ...

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Four Tips on How to Get Started as a Project Sponsor

As the project sponsor you are the most senior decision-maker on the project. You are not the one who is running the project on a day-to-day basis and giving direction to the team – that’s the role of the project manager. Your role is to steer the project at a high level and to give direction when the project manager isn’t able to progress without your support. The challenge for ...

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How to Turn Good Project Management into Great Project Leadership

In today’s complex business environment, projects are the way in which work gets done – and the only way in which organisations are able to move the business forward. For an organisation to achieve its goals, projects chosen for their strategic importance need to be executed successfully, and the key way to ensure this is with project workers who understand the strategic importance of their role and their projects. The ...

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The Strategic Skills PMO Leaders Must Possess

In last week’s blog post How to measure and report the strategic impact of projects, we looked at how well the PMO is placed to measure the business impact of projects and initiatives, and in doing so, identify their strategic value. Given that it is only through the successful delivery of projects chosen for their strategic importance that business can achieve their strategic goals, project-based work is on the rise ...

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Is Portfolio Management the Career Move You’ve Been Looking for?

Project managers who want to move more into a strategic delivery role don’t always have that many choices. Career paths tend to only lean towards larger, more complex and strategically important projects or programme management. If you are you looking for the next step in your career, have you thought about moving into portfolio management? What a portfolio manager does Portfolio managers are senior business leaders. It’s still a project ...

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How to Measure and Report the Strategic Impact of Projects

We have written a lot recently on the importance of strategic execution – and how to achieve this. This week we look at how to measure strategic value. Organisations are increasingly competing on a global scale and dealing with projects involving dispersed team members from different cultures and backgrounds. As a result, how initiatives are chosen, as well as managed, is critical to success. While, in most cases, the Project Management ...

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The Basics of Programme Management

Programme management is the essential vehicle of organisation change and that is at least in part responsible for the awful confusion surrounding the word programme. Here are a few words to clarify before offering some essentials for ‘How To Manage A Programme’. First is it program or programme? Well in British English a program runs on a computer and people deliver a programme of change. In the rest of the ...

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