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Five Routes into a Project Management Career

Do you want to get into project management? If so, you’re not the only one. Project management, over the last decade, has become increasingly popular with people from across a wide range of industries. Perhaps it’s because project-based working has become increasingly in organisations so more and more operational roles come into contact with projects in their business. Maybe it’s because project management gets mentioned more in the mainstream – ...

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Getting Started With Metrics on Learning Effectiveness and Project Performance

Whenever the subject of measuring learning effectiveness comes up, most organisations think medium-term impact.  Not many people think of its impact to ongoing projects. What if the focus was for ongoing projects with an easy, scalable and repeatable feedback mechanism? Often the true status of projects is unknown.  Many reasons for this, here are some: Project Managers are too optimistic Go ahead and prove it to yourselves and ask the ...

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Rapid Assessment and Recovery of Troubled Projects

I recently had the pleasure of taking a small and senior group through the 2080 course Rapid Assessment and Recovery of Troubled Projects. We held a virtual class-room ‘Wash-Up’ session last week and I thought you’d get value from their reflections. The course was six sessions spread over three weeks conducted virtually. It includes: Structure and lead an effort to assess project problems rapidly Determine the root causes of identified ...

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Virtual Working – Procrastination and Distraction

Last month I attended my first Twitter chat #pmchat. It was frustrating. My wife, a 30,000-plus tweet veteran (@bakersbunny) tried to explain mid #pmchat what was going on. I’m going to throw out a small challenge. I bet the only reason that you’ll get to the end of this post is because I bet you won’t. I bet you’ll get distracted and wander off before the end. Probably the distraction ...

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12 Management Books To Read in 2017

You only have to Google ‘book a month challenge’ to see that there are hundreds of ways to challenge yourself to read more this year. Since Mark Zuckerberg took on his 2015 challenge of reading a book a month (to which my response was “Is that all? I read way more than 12 books a year,” but then I don’t manage Facebook) everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. ...

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7 Ways To Level Up Your Risk Management

Risk management is a staple skill of project managers. As the project environments we work in get more and more complex, with greater levels of uncertainty and more transformative, disruptive projects, being able to deal with risk remains top of the list of desirable skills for managers in all areas of business. It’s important because a badly managed risk can create havoc on a project. It could even get to ...

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Sharpen your Project Management Saw in 2017

A new year is upon us. What better time to review how you can continue to develop as a project manager and sharpen your saw. A good place to start would be to look back at what happened last year. What went really well on your projects and what achievements are you proud of? It’s important that you take time to savor the sweet moments and pat yourself on the ...

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The Biggest Challenges in your PMO in 2017

Bringing together a combination of sessions from last year’s PMO Symposium, the PMO Conference and PMO Flashmob – I look forward to 2017 and highlight some of the challenges that PMOs are facing this year. Here I cover ten challenges that your PMO could be facing in 2017: Improving the maturity of PPM in the organisation Implementing new processes improving staff capability Increasing the value of the PMO to the ...

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