What is Your Project Learning Style?

There is a lot of importance placed on continuous learning: if you’ve done your PMP® study and passed the exam you’ll know that professional education doesn’t stop when you get your certificates. Many professional bodies have an obligation for members to carry on learning so that their skills are up ...

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What Does the Steering Committee Do?

Although in practice the role of the Steering Committee is complex, two guiding principles by which it should function are simple: Give Strategic Direction Support the Project/Programme Manager Thus, a Steering Committee typically comprises senior managers who have a vested interest in the delivery and/or outcome of the project/programme. We ...

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15 Top Skills Project Managers Need

I’ve made a list of the 15 core skills that I think project managers need. These are the things that should be part of your skillset because they will help you get the job done more effectively. And for the avoidance of doubt, ‘effectively’ means faster and with less effort. ...

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5 Tips for Managing Without Authority

How to get people to commit without having to chase One of the biggest challenges that project managers face is managing people without authority. Whenever I start a training session or a workshop I ask people what their biggest challenges and roadblocks are. One of challenges that almost always comes ...

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Six Project Opportunities for Project Managers

When asked how typical risk management exercises are conducted, most project managers reply that this involves conversations and documentation around risk events and their respective probabilities and impacts. While this is a necessary and beneficial exercise, this standard approach and mind-set does not account for taking time to recognise and ...

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How to Retain Project Managers

In ESI’s latest Talent Survey (released last month and available to download here) it was highlighted how difficult it was to hire the right project management staff for current and future projects. 88% of respondents indicated that the more complex a project is, the harder it is to find the ...

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