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Project Management Trends in the UK 2017

Project based workers provide the practical, hands-on solution to the fast paced, complex/complicated changes that organisations have to deliver – not just to stay ahead of the competition but vitally if they are to remain a viable, successful business. Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, said in 1965, “Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again”. Fast forward 52 years and the evidence is ...

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Strategy Execution Trends for 2017

  It’s the end of project management as we know it. Business today requires project professionals to think more strategically and move away from only using processes and procedures to get work done, and instead solve business problems by using adaptive skill sets. This concept of adaptive execution is permeating organisations across the globe and it’s rooted in a mindset that leverages processes to help and not hinder progress. This ...

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Business Analysis – Valued More than Ever

A month ago, I was in the Middle East, running a Business Analysis workshop, when a thought struck me. Something was very different. Something quite fundamental had changed. Looking around the room, I realized what it was. Ten years ago, when I started travelling to run workshops in the Arabian Peninsula, the only people who attended were business analysts by profession. This time, over half of the participants were medical ...

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10 Issues With Virtual Project Teams (And What You Can Do About Them)

I expect you work in a virtual team – and if you haven’t had that pleasure, I trust virtual teams will form part of your future. Here are 10 problems faced by virtual teams and some hints about what you can do to overcome these issues. 1. Misunderstanding Is Common When you put different cultures together, you should expect some misunderstanding. In a virtual team when you all have the ...

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How to be a Great Project Management Mentor

What is great mentoring? I often think about what each project manager can do to learn and grow and to eventually become the best project manager they can be. Formal education and being given the right opportunities play a large part. But mentoring has a part to play too. Imagine, for instance, how your career would have looked if you had had the greatest mentor from when you first started ...

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Mind the Gap: Fixing 5 Project Management Skills Gaps

I bet your project sponsor expects you to dive into the detail and understand why a line of code isn’t working, and strategically advise on business benefits as a result of your project… and everything in between. As a project manager, you are expected to have all-round skills encompassing the technical fields of project management like planning and scheduling, through to the interpersonal skills like communicating up and influencing others. ...

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Three Essential Tips for Building a Better Business Case

Your business case should be more than a financial document; it should be a strategy document. Crafting a business case that shows a strong return on investment can be powerful, but those numbers alone do not tell the whole story about a project’s potential impact. When weighing project acceptance, there are other crucial factors to consider, such as how each project outcome can help achieve strategic objectives or further your ...

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Five Routes into a Project Management Career

Do you want to get into project management? If so, you’re not the only one. Project management, over the last decade, has become increasingly popular with people from across a wide range of industries. Perhaps it’s because project-based working has become increasingly in organisations so more and more operational roles come into contact with projects in their business. Maybe it’s because project management gets mentioned more in the mainstream – ...

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