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Agile, PRINCE2 and PMBoK – How They Fit Together

Agile, PRINCE2 and PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) are all complementary parts of project management. They are parts of a whole, but not THE whole. Let me explain further. The Whole The whole is everything that project management embodies – the processes, the methods, the techniques, the tools, the behavioural or people skills required by the people working in a project environment. The whole is also support for ...

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Mentoring and Coaching in Project Management

In this article two of TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s bloggers get together to talk about coaching and mentoring – Lindsay Scott asks the questions and Susanne Madsen answers the questions. LS – We hear a lot about coaching and mentoring – sometimes the terms are interchangeable – but is there a real difference? What is the difference between mentoring and coaching? I’m pleased you ask that question as many people use ...

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PRINCE2 Foundation or Practitioner – Which One Should You Do?

PRINCE2 is still the most popular project management accreditation here in the UK – it is found on nearly all job advertisements for project management roles and the language of PRINCE2 has permeated throughout the project management community. There are two levels to PRINCE2 – the Foundation, or entry-level and the Practitioner level – which is aimed at Project Managers who deliver projects. But PRINCE2 Practitioner is also undertaken by ...

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PRINCE2 in Five Minutes

Or exactly 666 words! Here we explain the entire 327 page PRINCE2-2009 manual in a quick 5 minute read. Brevity is at the price of some reduction in detail. The picture shows: PRINCE2 has some structure, some sequence, some players and some output triggered by arrival of the ‘project mandate’. Perhaps less obviously from the picture is that the mandate is from the organisation’s management or customer. Start-up PrINCe2 means ...

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What Organisation Leaders Can Learn from Project Management

I often run project management training sessions and workshops for people who manage projects. Many of them aren’t career project managers and don’t even have the words project manager in their title. They are hired into an operations or business function and one of the many roles they have is to run projects in parallel with their BAU work. All employees need to be skilled at implementing change Teaching project ...

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Agile 2.0

Back in September I listened in to a few sessions on PMI’s Organizational Agility Conference 2016 which was a virtual member’s only event.  The day long event had various sessions all themed around an organisation’s ability to transform into an agile way of working. It included – what I call – “big A Agile” and “small a agile or agility”. So that’s Agile in terms of the philosophy and the ...

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Three Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Project Management CV

I speak to lots of people every day about their job hunting efforts and a common question is, “What am I doing wrong?”. The question is usually borne out of a frustration of not really knowing what to do next – after weeks of applying for different positions and not getting the returns they are expecting (at the very least a call back from a recruiter) Without even seeing someone’s ...

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Why Do Projects Continue If They Aren’t Needed?

How many times have you stopped a project, or worked on a project that has been cancelled? A straw poll asking around the office here shows that less than 1% of projects we’ve worked on have been cancelled or stopped prematurely. A further handful were temporarily stopped, re-scoped and freshly baselined and then started again. I know that isn’t a hugely scientific survey, but I think it’s indicative of what ...

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