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The Five Warning Signs of Strategic Project Failure – And How to Avoid Them

Sometimes the project you end up with is not the project you set out to complete. If this is a result of intentional decisions backed by careful analysis of their impact, then great – but all too often it’s not. Project managers are in a unique position to identify when personal agendas, scope creep or insufficient communications are actually changing the face of a project without anyone realising it. While ...

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Why Project Managers Should Care About Business Strategy

The major shift in project management recently has seen an increased focus on strategic alignment and delivery. Everyone seems to be talking about it. And the thing is, it does matter for project managers. This isn’t just a discussion for the senior leaders in your organisation. Yes, your portfolio management team, if you have one, will be spending workshops upon workshops looking at strategic alignment and prioritising projects accordingly. But ...

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How Strategic Leadership Improves Organisational Success

In today’s competitive business environment, an organisation’s success depends on the combination of strategic leadership and effective execution of project-based initiatives. Regardless of the specific goal, project-based initiatives can be challenging, particularly as they involve groups that consist of diverse individuals brought together to form cross-functional and cross-organisational teams. These teams often span multiple organisational hierarchies and physical locations, which presents the project leader with a host of logistical and ...

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Nine Skills You Need To Move Into Programme Management

Programme Management: is this a career path you’ve thought about? As businesses get more savvy with project management and start aligning projects together into programmes of work, the need for skilled programme managers grows. Programme management isn’t the same as managing projects and the skills you need are quite different. However, they are certainly aligned and many project managers successfully make the leap into the more strategic and higher-level role ...

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The Business Opportunities From Strategic Project Leadership

Project management is fast becoming the strategic focal point for operational excellence in many organisations. That is because projects that are tied to business strategy and goals – when delivered efficiently, effectively and predictably – will achieve the results that businesses demand. But while project managers are raising their game with the skills, business acumen and broadening of experience to meet this demand (as discussed in last week’s blog) many ...

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How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Project Management Skills

Do you only look at LinkedIn when you are in the market for a new job? I’d hazard a guess and say that’s what most people use it for. However, if you’re on LinkedIn (and you are, aren’t you?), it can do a lot more for you than that. LinkedIn is a great professional network where you can connect with past and current colleagues. You can add a lot more ...

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How to Build a Strategic Project Team

As we discussed in last week’s blog, cultivating a workforce with a solid balance of technical and relational skills helps ensure the gap between strategy making and execution is minimised. However, in organisations of every size, the teams involved in executing strategic projects are becoming more and more diverse, therefore aligning projects to strategic goals involves the successful management of cross-functional, cross-discipline teams. Many leaders do not have the key skills ...

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The Next Generation PMO

At last month’s PMO Conference in London the sessions and conversations were all about the relationship between the PMO and the business or organisation a PMO sits within. The overriding message is – the PMO belongs to the business and it is there to response to business needs. Whatever they might be, this is the starting point for a PMO. The session on the Next Generation PMO was presented by ...

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