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Seven Signs You Are a Great Communicator in Project Management

Being an effective communicator is one of the most important responsibilities of a project manager.  But what does it mean to be an effective communicator and how can you tell if you are one of them? Let’s look at seven telltale signs.   1. Provide regular and truthful updates about project progress In a project management context, a good communicator is someone who keeps their clients and stakeholders updated and ...

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The Impact of PMO Communications on Delivering Strategic Objectives

As well as managing a portfolio of different projects and programmes and ensuring their successful outcome, a PMO needs to also ensure their alignment to the organisation’s strategic goals. In order to increase the chances of successful strategic execution, it is essential that the PMO leader can communicate up as well as down – or to be more precise, tactical progress up to the executive leadership and strategic goals down ...

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Lean Six Sigma and Projects

When faced with a nail a screwdriver is useless. When the job is to drive home the screw a hammer is a fast, if crude abuse of a tool whose solution shifts consequences into the future. The consequences won’t always matter. In Admonition of The Lean Band Wagon The history of project management methods and tools is one of gradual absorption of useful ideas from adjacent disciplines. Six Sigma process ...

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How to Align Project Talent with Organisational Success

PMOs are often hampered in their ability to make a strong enterprise-wide impact because of talent-management challenges – particularly when they manage project staff without direct authority over their recruitment. But these PMOs can still achieve a culture of purpose and structure that attracts and retains the best talent, by developing an effective talent management strategy. Training is the major component of every employee retention programme – but for it ...

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Self-Promotion and the Project Manager

You’ve got good experience; some great project management skills; got some decent project management training under your belt and you’re part of a formal community like PMI. But there is something else that a good professional project manager does that enables their career to head in the right direction – and that’s something called self-promotion. We hear it all the time – in order to gain promotion or find great ...

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The Five Big Changes Project Managers Need to Make

As the rate of change in the business environment continues to increase, project –based work has become a vehicle for organisational change management. Only if a project can stand up to scrutiny against the business goals will it be in with a chance – given the importance of aligning projects and programmes with organisational strategy to drive success. Business leaders must consider organisational priorities when making investment decisions about which ...

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How Project Managers Can Deal with Chronic Stress and Avoid Burnout

Almost all project managers have experienced stress on their projects. Some of the external triggers for stress could be a large number of stakeholders, an unreasonable client, a high degree of technical complexity, a challenging team or lack of clear expectations. There are a myriad of reasons why our adrenalin levels can spiral out of control and cause us to work long hours – not just for a few weeks ...

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How to Equip your Talent to Deliver on Strategic Goals

The modern business environment is evolving to recognize the importance of strategic projects, meaning traditional project management techniques are no longer sufficient to achieve the growth and business transformation that these strategic projects demand. The need for performance improvement, with particular focus on the soft skills including leadership, communication and strategic decision-making, has never been more vital for achieving bottom-line results. Strategic project leaders now need to effectively manage talent ...

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