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How to Measure and Report the Strategic Impact of Projects

We have written a lot recently on the importance of strategic execution – and how to achieve this. This week we look at how to measure strategic value. Organisations are increasingly competing on a global scale and dealing with projects involving dispersed team members from different cultures and backgrounds. As a result, how initiatives are chosen, as well as managed, is critical to success. While, in most cases, the Project Management ...

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The Basics of Programme Management

Programme management is the essential vehicle of organisation change and that is at least in part responsible for the awful confusion surrounding the word programme. Here are a few words to clarify before offering some essentials for ‘How To Manage A Programme’. First is it program or programme? Well in British English a program runs on a computer and people deliver a programme of change. In the rest of the ...

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How aligning people and projects will deliver better business outcomes

Further to last week’s blog on how aligning strategy with work reduces the performance gap, this week we focus on aligning people with projects to deliver better business outcomes. Waiting until projects and initiatives fail to work out what’s gone wrong is never the answer. Nor is blaming team members. Figuring out how to better execute the projects is. That begins by determining whether you have the right skill sets on your ...

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The Three Levels of Agility in the PMO Mandate

Back in June at the PMO Conference, Jesse Fewell took to the stage to give a fantastic session on the Agile PMO. Jesse* is the Founder of the PMI Agile Community of Practice and co-created the PMI-ACP Agile Certification. He’s Mr Agile and even better than that, he’s giving out some great insights specifically around the role of the PMO with Agile. An Agile PMO is a PMO that supports ...

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Aligning strategy with work activity to reduce the performance gap

Strategy making and execution are essential to organisational success. However, many organisations are continuously challenged by the performance gap that exists between the two. Over the years, research has shown a good deal of time and resources are spent building strategies, but when these strategies are translated into project-based work (the projects, programmes and portfolio efforts that enable forward momentum) there is a break down – resulting in failure to ...

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How to Become a More Sophisticated Project Communicator

We often say that one of the most important roles of a project manager is to be able to communicate effectively. Being the hub of the project, the PM communicates with team members, stakeholders, end users and the project sponsor – all of whom have different preferences for how they would like to be communicated with. Some people prefer email and written status reports whereas others favour telephone and face-to-face ...

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The Five Warning Signs of Strategic Project Failure – And How to Avoid Them

Sometimes the project you end up with is not the project you set out to complete. If this is a result of intentional decisions backed by careful analysis of their impact, then great – but all too often it’s not. Project managers are in a unique position to identify when personal agendas, scope creep or insufficient communications are actually changing the face of a project without anyone realising it. While ...

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Why Project Managers Should Care About Business Strategy

The major shift in project management recently has seen an increased focus on strategic alignment and delivery. Everyone seems to be talking about it. And the thing is, it does matter for project managers. This isn’t just a discussion for the senior leaders in your organisation. Yes, your portfolio management team, if you have one, will be spending workshops upon workshops looking at strategic alignment and prioritising projects accordingly. But ...

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