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Six Relational Skills That Define Programme and Project Leaders

We know that relational (behavioural) skills are key in project management. On Monday’s post we started the conversation about technical and relational skills, and in the post today we get into the details of which relational skills are the ones which great programme and project leaders have. The TwentyEighty Strategy Execution session was held in London to a room full of practitioners wanting to know which relational skills could potentially ...

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Technical and Relational Skills in Project Management

Last month I went along to a TwentyEighty Strategy Execution event in London on The Six Relational Skills that Define Successful Project/Programme Leaders. More on what those skills are later in the week but for now there were some interesting insights into the current thinking about how comfortable we’re getting with the technical skills – and not putting enough emphasis on the relational skills. So a quick look at the ...

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The Only Questions You Need in Project Management

You might know the Kipling poem that starts: “I KEEP six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who.” It is often quoted in the context of project definition, writing business cases and approaching approvals for sanction. In fact, people working in project management can generally rattle these six questions off on a wide range of ...

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The Pros and Cons of the Hero Project Manager

Imagine a project that isn’t going too well due to unexpected complexities. It’s behind schedule, team morale is declining and the client is complaining about lack of progress. Communication between the project manager and client is getting increasingly tense and the level of trust is deteriorating. After a while it gets to a point where the relationship breaks down. The client asks for a new project manager to take over ...

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7 Ways To Mitigate Risk on Projects

As project managers, we know that risk mitigation is a ‘thing’. We talk about mitigating risk. We have a column on our risk logs for mitigation strategies. But what does it actually mean? How do you do risk mitigation? Here are 7 of the most common ways to mitigate risk: all approaches that will transfer to your project in most cases. 1. Clarify The Requirements What is it that you ...

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Programme Management Versus Project Management

I got thinking about the whole programme management versus project management debate the other day and here I lay down some thoughts about the standards today, look at what’s missing and give a new definition for programme management. If, as an organisation we recognise what programmes and projects are and everyone has a role aligned to the frameworks, then we can assume that value delivery will blossom. Projects and programmes ...

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7 Steps To A Project Management Capability Assessment

At this time of year project leaders start thinking about how to plan the activity for the following year, including the requirements for developing the project management capability in the organisation to deliver the upcoming projects. It’s easy to think that certification is the answer to developing capability in your project managers, but it’s better to take a step back from that. While sending project managers on courses is definitely ...

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Wicked Problems, Mess Management and Leading Complex Projects

2080 StrategyExecution have delivered a training course fully focussed on Agile Project Management for well over a decade. Since before agile was the widespread term for handling complexity. It’s title is Leading Complex Projects. Complex Projects Means Different Control Choices Leading Complex Projects’ graduates know that complexity is a label covering multiple converging factors that show-up as… emergence (or the consequences of combinations of un-pre-definable interactions). Emergence is from the ...

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