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Which Of These Project Reviews Do You Use?

Have you got project reviews built into your project schedule? I do (most of the time). There are five types of project review that we commonly use on projects. These are: Peer review Audit Project evaluation review Benefits review Post-project review Peer Reviews Peer views are an informal review of the situation at any point in the project life-cycle by someone of equivalent experience to the project manager. The objective ...

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Getting Started with Emotional Intelligence in Project Management

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important? Before we look at what Emotional Intelligence (EI) is, let’s first consider the reasons why it’s important. Several studies show that Emotional Intelligence is the single biggest predictor of personal and professional success. What this means is that people with high levels of EI outperform those with low levels of EI. In fact Emotional Intelligence is the strongest driver of leadership and explains 58% of ...

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7 Causes of Project Change

You know that nice neat project schedule you created? The one that you’ve saved in a fancy graphical format and turned into a PDF for your stakeholders? I’ve got news for you: tomorrow it will be in the recycling bin because it will be out of date. Project plans change daily as work gets done and you adjust what’s happening to meet the challenges of the tasks but sometimes we’re ...

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Establishing Clear Project Management Guidelines

When I come into an organisation that has never used formal business analysis or project management processes, one of my first challenges is to address the uncertainty and confusion over some key concepts and tools. For example, almost immediately after I start meeting with decision-makers, I encounter questions like these: What is the difference between the business vision, mission and goals? How does the business requirements document (BRD) differ from ...

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Bread Crumbs, The DaVinci Code and Project Communications

If you have ever read either Hansel and Gretel or The DaVinci Code, you have read a story of trails followed and clues pursued. In both instances, however, there were threats to the trail—threats that were overcome only by extraordinary means. In our projects, we frequently find ourselves as “crumb-droppers.” Crumb-droppers are those individuals that leave a trail behind for others (or themselves) to follow, just like Hansel and Gretel ...

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The Essential Steps to Controlling Scope Creep

I often come across project managers who ask me what the correct way is to say no to scope changes. They have been taught that changes to scope are dangerous as they worry it might morph into scope creep. When we talk about scope creep it implies that changes are uncontrolled and that scope grows and grows without anyone explicitly agreeing to it. That’s obviously an undesirable situation, which should ...

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Pick up the SLACK – Quality Management

 This article is written for quality professionals who would like to obtain the benefits of a Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) system, but do not have the time or resources to dedicate to the initiative. This is particularly common in companies involved in agile product development, where there must be minimum administration and all of the work must be performed by those actually responsible for the design and implementation, rather ...

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Project Managers: Motivate Yourself

At a typical PMI meeting a few years ago there would have been several job openings announced with only a few candidates vying for those project management positions. As we all know, the market has changed drastically and we’re faced with a different set of problems to manage. Now we have staff members who may not be satisfied in their jobs, but don’t dare attempt to change jobs due to ...

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