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Project Managers: Motivate Yourself

At a typical PMI meeting a few years ago there would have been several job openings announced with only a few candidates vying for those project management positions. As we all know, the market has changed drastically and we’re faced with a different set of problems to manage. Now we have staff members who may not be satisfied in their jobs, but don’t dare attempt to change jobs due to ...

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Quality Challenges in Projects

Last year I had some troubling experiences related to quality, which made me think about the ongoing struggles within many organisations to deal with quality in their projects. While my aunt was hospitalised this past year, I observed what I considered poor service quality multiple times. For example, she was a patient clearly marked as “high risk to fall” (HRTF). She could barely see due to eye surgery patches and ...

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Lack of Governance \\ Strategy Execution Series

The latest Trends in Strategy Execution were discussed at the recent Executive Briefing hosted by TwentyEighty Strategy Execution in London. The eighth trend, “Lack of Governance Hampered by Lack of Resources” highlighted how reactive decision-making and a lack of resource availability to deliver against those decisions is harming organisation’s competitive advantage. Governance seems to be a prevalent theme for organisations who are constantly faced with challenges of successful delivery of ...

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Strategy Execution on the Front Line: #PMIPower

Where do project managers go when the challenge of being a project manager isn’t enough any more? They move into leadership roles, portfolio management, strategy positions. And they convene at the PMI Power Talks: a series of events hosted by the PMI UK Chapter in London and sponsored by Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution I went along to the inaugural event at the Freemasons’ Hall to find out what it was ...

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How is the PMO Changing?

During a recent roundtable discussion event, the question was “How is the PMO changing?”. The idea was that each person around the table could contribute based on their different perspectives and experiences. There was a mix of consultants, current practitioners, trainers and me. For me there are two different perspectives; the careers, employment aspect around PMO and the thoughts of the wider PMO community here in the UK through PMO ...

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What Makes a High Performing Project Team?

Consider the most successful team you have been part of or that you know of, and what the characteristics were of that team. How many members did it have? How did the team members communicate with one another and what was the feeling you had when you interacted with the team? Many of us know instinctively what it feels like to be part of a great team – we feel ...

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Big Fat Portfolio Management Weddings

“The man may be the head of the household. But the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head whichever way she pleases.” Nia Vardalos from my Big Fat Greek Wedding. I was chuckling the other day as I watched this film again.  I thought about this quote as an analogy for delivering strategy and portfolio management:  strategy being the head and portfolio management the neck. Lots of ...

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Budgeting for Project Scope Change

Managing change is one the most difficult areas of project management. Hardly do you find a project not affected by change. The success of your project delivery depends to a larger extent on the effectiveness of the organisation’s change control process. Effective change control involves a well-thought-out procedure for reviewing, analysing and accepting or rejecting requests for change in order to limit the potential damage to the scope. The control ...

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