Resource Management and the PMO

In the Global State of the PMO Report released by 2080 Strategy Execution in 2015, the biggest perceived challenge for PMOs today is resource management. A range of PMO professionals highlighted specific resource management areas which were lacking or current services were inadequate. These services included providing corporate resource capacity ...

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The 4 A’s of a Great Project Sponsor

When you work with a good project sponsor you know it. Doors open. Resources mysteriously appear. Money is available when previously you were told there was none. People who typically never show up to meetings or respond to emails start getting in touch. A great project sponsor really does oil ...

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Who Owns Your Project Management Career Plan?

Last month the latest Project Management Benchmark Report was launched by Arras People and one of the areas touched on was the project management career development plan. About 2000 project practitioners were asked, “Who owns your career development plan?” The question was posed to try to understand how much control ...

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The Human Needs of a Project Team

What are the top human needs that drive people in your team? You are probably familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which is one of the most widely referenced motivational theories. In this post I have drawn from several resources and models to compose an overview of the biggest needs ...

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