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Big Fat Portfolio Management Weddings

ā€œThe man may be the head of the household. But the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head whichever way she pleases.ā€ Nia Vardalos from my Big Fat Greek Wedding. I was chuckling the other day as I watched this film again. Ā I thought about this quote as an analogy for delivering strategy and portfolio management: Ā strategy being the head and portfolio management the neck. Lots of ...

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Budgeting for Project Scope Change

Managing change is one the most difficult areas of project management. Hardly do you find a project not affected by change. The success of your project delivery depends to a larger extent on the effectiveness of the organisationā€™s change control process. Effective change control involves a well-thought-out procedure for reviewing, analysing and accepting or rejecting requests for change in order to limit the potential damage to the scope. The control ...

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Project Management: Something Definitely Needs to Change

“Something definitely needs to change” That was one of the sentences in the latest Pulse of Profession Report from the Project Management Institute, their 8th global survey of the state of project management. Something has to change in project management because we’ve gotten stagnant and in some areas we’re declining. There are the same number of PMOs in organisations; still the same perceived value of project management; training and development ...

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How To Manage A Team Member Through A Project

Youā€™re familiar with the project lifecycle, but have you ever thought about the lifecycle as it maps to people? Yes, project team members have a lifecycle too: the project resource lifecycle. I know project management as a discipline is very keen to stick labels on things, so if you donā€™t want to call it a ā€˜lifecycleā€™ then think of it as the way an individual is involved with the project ...

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Design Thinking and Project Management \\ Strategy Execution Series

The latest Trends in Strategy Execution were discussed at the recent Executive Briefing hosted by TwentyEighty Strategy Execution in London. The sixth trend, Design thinking is permeating project management and beyond” highlighted how innovation and creativity can help to solve problems in a project environment. Here’s the trend: Design Thinking is Permeating Project Management and Beyond Historically, IT, strategy and product development have been cast as owning innovation. Today, smart ...

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How Your Team Makes Your Project More Risky

What if I told you that there were risks to your project that you have probably completely overlooked? Most of the time when project managers do risk management, we focus on getting the team together, reviewing tasks, identifying what might stop or impede the project from moving forward. We write it all up in a project risk register and note down what mitigation plans are required in order to try ...

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Silo Working and Projects \\ Strategy Execution Series

The latest Trends in Strategy Execution were discussed at the recent Executive Briefing hosted by TwentyEighty Strategy Execution in London. The fifth trend, ā€œInterdependencies: Silo Walls Are Growing Thinnerā€ highlighted how often project success relies on cooperation and help from across an organisation, not just within the project department. The problem is silos have long been a challenge for organisations. Here’s the trend: Interdependencies: Silo Walls Are Growing Thinner When ...

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15 Time Management Tips for Project Managers

Youā€™ll have heard the old adage that you canā€™t manage time. It passes whether you like it or not. When we talk about time management weā€™re really talking about making the most of the available time. Time Management is a Knowledge Area in the PMBOK GuideĀ®ā€”Fifth Edition, which is required reading if you are preparing for the PMPĀ® exam. We can use the advice in there, as well as tips ...

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