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Bridging Strategy and Project Execution for Success

Last month I listened to the latest webinar from TwentyEighty Strategy Execution on Bridging Strategy and Project Execution for Success. This is a hot topic right now for those people who are working within, what I call, portfolio management and of course those people who work within strategy execution, which of course is every Programme Manager, Project Manager, PMO and anyone else working on programmes and projects. One thing that ...

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9 Ways To Deal With Stakeholders Who Want Your Project To Fail

I know we normally start a New Year dreaming of all the positive things that are going to happen. But let’s be realistic for a moment. I’m sure that at some point in the coming 12 months you are going to face someone in a position of power who doesn’t want your project to succeed. It happens. Whether it’s because it put their department out of a job, or they ...

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Agile Project Management – a Shift in Metrics and Mindset

As the Agile Project Management approach becomes more mainstream, organizations considering its implementation are deluged with questions. Is agile project management right for us? Does our current structure support this change? How will we measure progress? Though replacing traditional project management methods may seem like a leap, taking an agile approach can actually increase productivity, improve accountability and speed delivery across all team members. But simply designating an Agile Project ...

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Work Breakdown Structure Problems And How To Overcome Them

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a key tool for project managers. It’s the first time that you really map out in detail what you are going to be doing. It lists all the task involved in the project and gives you a very visual understanding of the scale of the work ahead. It’s also an easy tool to use and not beyond team members starting out in projects for ...

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Eight Times Project Managers Should Ditch Email

As busy project managers manage their precious personal and project schedules, they look for any means to save time and money. The need to do this is amplified by the economic conditions present today. A tempting target for time and cost reduction activities is the communication tasks that are a major part of the successful project manager’s responsibility. We are tempted to try to save time and money by foregoing ...

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T-Shaped Project Management Teams

Think of the letter T. Across the top you have a horizontal bar. Think of this representing broad domain knowledge – your professional background. The vertical of the T represents the deep domain knowledge you have in a particular area. The letter T is a great vehicle to illustrate that individuals and teams need both a wide grounding in the relevant business domains and a degree of specialism to be ...

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Getting Started with Change Management

The purpose of all projects is to implement change and to help an organisation move from a current state (how things are done today) to a desired future state (with new processes, systems, organisation structures or job roles). Whilst project management is about delivering the project’s requirements, change management focuses on the people impacted by the change and helps individuals to make a successful personal transition to the new state. As change management is all about ...

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