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Moving to a Portfolio PMO

There’s something happening in PMO. More and more frequently I’m getting asked questions like this one: I’m currently working in a PMO, supporting a large programme. I’d like to move into a portfolio PMO in the next few years and want advice on what I should be doing to make this a reality. Portfolio management is certainly something that being discussed in PMO circles – in fact the PMO Flashmob ...

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Recognising the Need for Experienced Project Managers \\ Strategy Execution Series

The latest Trends in Strategy Execution were discussed at the recent Executive Briefing hosted by TwentyEighty Strategy Execution in London. The second trend, “Execs recognise the need for experienced project managers” highlighted how important Project Managers are in closing the gap between strategy setting and strategy execution. The session referenced PMI’s The High Cost of Low Performance Pulse of the Profession Report released this year that stated that 83% of ...

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Our Story – Then, Now and How

Then For 35 years, TwentyEighty Strategy Execution has delivered training to over 35% of the world’s largest companies – serving 1.4 million professionals from 100 countries. Formed as ESI International in 1981 to provide project management and contract management training, by 1984 we had partnered with The George Washington University (GWU), and through this academic partnership were able to offer courses that lead delegates to achieve professional certificates in project ...

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What is Enterprise Agility? \\ Strategy Execution Series

A few weeks ago it was TwentyEighty’s Executive Briefing in London. The session was all about the problem we see time and time again – the gap between an organisation’s executive board setting direction and strategy for the business and seeing those strategies realised through the operational activities of the business of which programme and project management forms a large part. So the session was called “Bridging Strategy and Project ...

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How To Present Your Project to Other Teams

Part of your project communication strategy should be to talk to other departments – your peripheral stakeholders – about the work you are doing. And why should you? It’s good practice to communicate widely about your project. You can do that through intranet articles and company magazines but nothing beats the face-to-face (or face-to-video conference) of talking to teams in person. I’m not referring to core stakeholders who should be ...

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8 Steps to Overcome the Challenges of Managing a Larger Project

Many project managers have experienced it – and transitioned through it. They have worked on a series of smaller or medium-sized projects for a couple of years and are now getting involved in bigger projects. The new challenge is exciting, but also daunting, especially when they don’t have a host of experienced projects managers or mentors to lean on. In this post we look at the implicit challenges of stepping ...

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Programme Management: Using A Programme Blueprint

You have to get through about 80 pages of the Managing Successful Programmes™ book before you reach the section on Blueprint design and delivery. It’s worth it. For me, Blueprinting is the best thing about the MSP approach and definitely investing time in, even if you don’t follow any of the rest of the guidance in the book. In this article, I’ll explain what a Blueprint is and why I ...

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Project Negotiating – Interests Not Positions

There is no more overused expression in negotiation than “win-win.” It’s like perfection: everyone wants it, but it’s really tough to achieve. Many inexperienced negotiators choose between using their power to get what they want and using their logic to argue for a rights-based solution (it’s the law, rule, precedent, etc.). And, if not successful, they end up compromising and calling it “win-win.” An effective negotiator needs to be able ...

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