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Top Five Skill Areas for a Project Co-ordinator

The Project Co-ordinator role within project management is an interesting one because it can mean two slightly different roles.The first type of Project Co-ordinator role is one where they are supporting a project and a project manager, much like a project support officer. The other type of Project Co-ordinator is something much more like an Assistant Project Manager where they are co-ordinating activities and tasks on a relatively risk free ...

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Business Analysis and Work Simplification

In this age of automation, we have a tendency to become so involved in the designing and programming of the ultimate system that we tend to forget the art of “work simplification.” This is a serious omission, as work simplification is the foundation of the systems concept. What is “Work Simplification”? Work simplification is the organized application of common sense to eliminate waste of any kind, such as time, energy, ...

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The Business Analyst as a Change Agent

The most successful organisations are able to identify opportunities for self-improvement and conceive of changes that can make them more efficient, more successful and better equipped to achieve their goals. But, all too often, these new ideas get discussed, everyone resoundingly agrees they’re a good idea and then, somehow, the changes fail to work. However, it usually isn’t the actual idea that flops; it’s the implementation and adoption process. What ...

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The Top Ten Trends for Strategy Execution in 2016

In our final series of looking ahead to 2016 (see the project management and business analysis trends) we take a look at strategy execution. Strategy execution, in its simplest terms, is all about an organisations ability to develop business strategies and execute or deliver programmes and projects that ultimately meet those strategies. With the advance of thought leadership in areas like portfolio management (see PMI’s latest collection of reports) and ...

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The Top Ten Business Analyst Trends for 2016

Last year’s TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s trends for business analysis focused on bedding in the BA role within projects and within organisations. Each year TwentyEighty publish trends and predictions for both project management and business analysis – and new for this year strategy execution too. In this article we take a look at how the business analysis profession is changing. >> Download The Top Ten Business Analyst Trends for 2016 The ...

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How to Overcome the Most Common Mistakes in Risk Management

Although risk management is a classic discipline and part of a standard curriculum on most project management courses, it doesn’t mean that the average project manager knows everything there is to know about it or that they are doing it really well. Unfortunately! Far too many of us make basic mistakes that negatively impact the outcomes of the project. We carry out the risk assessment on our own without involving ...

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The Top Ten Project Management Trends for 2016

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution are back with their trends and predictions for 2016 in project management. 2015 trends were all about project management talent, hybrid projects, coaching, change management, technology and strategy. This year, the team of experts have once again got together to outline their trends for the coming year. Here are the headlines: The Permanency of Agile Project Management Broadening Strategic Role of the Project Manager Turn, Turn, Turn ...

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Why Talent Management Matters in Project Management

Over the last two years, the Project Management Institute (PMI) has released a plethora of research and reports around talent management in project management. Kicking off with the Pulse of the Profession – The High Cost of Low Performance (2013), the main outcomes were that high performing project organisations are doing something different when it comes to their talent, in other words, their project managers. The report classed high performing ...

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