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Programme Management: Using A Programme Blueprint

You have to get through about 80 pages of the Managing Successful Programmes™ book before you reach the section on Blueprint design and delivery. It’s worth it. For me, Blueprinting is the best thing about the MSP approach and definitely investing time in, even if you don’t follow any of the rest of the guidance in the book. In this article, I’ll explain what a Blueprint is and why I ...

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Project Negotiating – Interests Not Positions

There is no more overused expression in negotiation than “win-win.” It’s like perfection: everyone wants it, but it’s really tough to achieve. Many inexperienced negotiators choose between using their power to get what they want and using their logic to argue for a rights-based solution (it’s the law, rule, precedent, etc.). And, if not successful, they end up compromising and calling it “win-win.” An effective negotiator needs to be able ...

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Project Training While You’re Gaining

Don’t wait until you are job hunting to think about your training needs and career development – professional development is a lifelong commitment It seems like every day I’m talking to project practitioners who are struggling with their job hunting in one way or another. One thing I see a lot of is that too many project management workers wait until they are thinking about, or forced into a career ...

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The Project Definition Worksheet

Project management can be used in almost all aspects of our daily lives. It has been used unknowingly by multitudes of people. Many a couple planning a wedding using critical path methods. The local Scouts planning a fundraiser unwittingly incorporating earned value analysis. Families have planned vacations based on sound estimating practices. And, for each of these projects, perhaps no tool is better suited than the Project Definition Worksheet (PDW). ...

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The Ten Success Factors for Strategic Execution

Strategic execution depends on many important relationships, interdependent variables, decisions and actions to achieve success. This is the theme of a new executive briefing session, Bridging Strategy and Project Execution for Organisational Alignment and Success which takes place on Thursday 5th May from 9.30am to 2.30pm in Central London. In this article we take a look at the following factors which should help organisations raise their chances of executing their ...

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What to do When You Feel Out of Your Depth on a Project?

There are many reasons why you might at some point in your career feel out of depth on a project. Most project managers have been there. It can happen either as a result of a serious underlying problem on your project, which you don’t know how to resolve, or because you for any other reason lose confidence if your ability to lead the project and feel unsure about the way ...

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Top Five Skill Areas for a New Project Manager

I like to call a new project manager a “level one project manager”. It normally means they have been in the job for about 1 to 2 years. I think it’s important to distinguish project managers based on their level of experience and whilst years of service is only one way to do that, it is the simplest. Level one projects are generally classed as small projects with a value ...

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