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How To Build Relationships in a Virtual Project Team

Social capital is a phrase that you have probably heard before. It relates to the network of relationships, and in the project management workplace it helps the processes and structures to work effectively. It’s the links between people who make the daily grind more bearable and easier to navigate. You can build relationships relatively easily with people whom you see every day. That new starter who always seems to take ...

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A Seven-Step Model for Managing Project Quality

Quality: It’s what you do that counts. Quality is one of those matters much discussed, but practiced mostly in the breach. Organisations proudly proclaim quality products—they talk the talk—but when it comes time to walk the walk, what do they typically do? They fall back on the old stand-bys of tradition, intuition and trial-and error. The reasons for this are many: the unrelenting pressure of the quarterly bottom line, excessive ...

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The Project Management Job Race

Like it or not, when it comes to gaining a new project management opportunity it can feel very much like a race – facing competitors, jumping over hurdles, getting in the ‘zone’ at interviews and ultimately winning or losing. In this article we take a look at five key areas where a project management recruitment race can be won or lost and help give you the competitive advantage when it ...

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LINE – The Fine Balance for Project Managers

Over the past decade, I have witnessed the life and sometimes untimely death of many information technology (IT) projects, including data migrations, custom development efforts, third-party tool implementations and system retirements. Each endeavour has had various levels of complexity, but one common denominator: an end. How the project manager gets to the end in the story land of information technology folklore tends to be either a happily ever after fairy ...

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Improving Return on Investment: Business Analysis in Projects

In business today, any project is ultimately measured by one thing: return on investment. There are dozens of metrics to be measured along the way—from budget and deadline to scope and stakeholder satisfaction—however, at the end of the day, ROI trumps all. Remember the movie Titanic? It overshot its budget by a nautical mile and took much longer to make than originally scheduled. However, a lifeboat full of Oscars later, ...

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What are Organisations Looking for When They Ask for “Stakeholder Management Skills”?

It’s a common cause of project failure directly attributable to project managers if it is not carried out effectively. It’s considered to be one of the arts of project management – not a science. It features prominently in job specifications and advertisements when organisations are looking for project managers. It basically covers the relationship and communication aspects of projects. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of references to it ...

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Top Three Things Project Managers Need Coaching On

Let me first stress that I find project managers pretty remarkable and courageous people. Being a project manager isn’t an easy job. Projects need to be delivered on time, to cost, to the required quality AND deliver the expected benefits. During the course of the project, PMs have to be mindful of the big picture and at the same time keep an eye on the detail – without micromanaging anyone. ...

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