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Three Things Project Managers Need to Make Better Decisions

At last month’s PMI Congress, ESI International leading speaker, J LeRoy Ward gave a thought-provoking presentation on Three Things You Need to Make Better, Faster Decisions. Project Managers have to make a lot of decisions. Every decision they make has an impact on their project. In most cases project managers don’t make decisions alone. They have to involve a number of people for the simple reason they don’t have all ...

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The PMO is Alive and Well

The Reports of Its Death Have Been Exaggerated: The PMO is Alive and Well! There is no topic that has held the interest of the project management community more intently than the PMO. Attend any gathering of project managers conducted by associations around the world and the sessions on the PMO are typically SRO. Multiple “PMO of the Year” awards are bestowed annually to PMOs in organisations of all types, ...

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Becoming Agile with ShuHaRi

Earlier this month I managed to catch a presentation from Florian Ivan on Becoming Agile with ShuHaRi. Florian has already created a few blog posts already about the Agile Organisation and I was keen to see where a Japanese martial arts concept fits with agile. The full presentation from Florian is available here to download. Agile is a philosophy, not a process, method or recipe to follow. In fact there ...

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How to Write a Good Development Plan

I often hear managers and employees say that their organization does have a process in place for reviewing employee performance and setting career goals for the year ahead, but that they are not following it! Or, if they are following it, it seems that they are doing so, not for the benefit of the individual, but because the process dictates that they have to do it. What a shame! A ...

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What Agile Really Means for Project Teams and Organisations

Doing More with Less If you had a penny for every time you heard that… Coincidence or not most of the talk about agile started to be seriously considered exactly when people started to ask for more with less. Indeed, when done right, agile practices do deliver more results with less resources. I guess, the only real question here is how badly do you need to do that? Again, coincidence ...

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Finding The Time For Project Management Training

The best project managers invest time in personal development. It might not always be easy, but continually learning is one of the sure-fire ways of staying on top of the trends in project and programme management. It can also help build your CV so that if you ever find yourself stuck for work you’ve got a rich background of formal and informal training to supplement your experience. However, we are ...

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How To Take Your Project Scheduling To The Next Level

For many projects, basic scheduling techniques are fine. You can’t go too far wrong with a task list and start and finish dates. Throw in some start-to-finish dependencies and that’s a pretty good plan. There’s no point in making your schedule more complicated than it needs to be, especially if your project is straightforward with secured resources and a degree of flexibility. Beyond the basics Some projects do need more ...

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