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Top Five Skill Areas for a Programme Office Co-ordinator

In the Global State of the PMO Report which came out earlier this year, there was an interesting insight that I wasn’t expecting. The majority of organisations either have one PMO or they have five or more. Organisations that have five or more PMOs, 50% of them are Programme and Project Office type PMOs. When we talk about Programme Office or Programme Management Office, we’re talking about a PMO function ...

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5 Things To Do When a Project Team Member Leaves

My project teams are finely balanced. Not too many people, tight resource structure, everyone clear on their roles and responsibilities. I have been devastated twice by people in my team resigning for fantastic new jobs elsewhere. Not only is it a great personal loss to have to stop working with people you consider as friends, but it’s also a huge pain to have to replan everything, juggle the project work ...

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5 Things You’ve Forgotten From Your Project Scope

Project scope is one of the first things that you specify as a project manager. It’s important to get clear boundaries between what’s in scope and what isn’t. But more things can go into project scope than you first imagined. Here are 5 unusual things that you should consider for your project scope. #1: Training The first question to ask is can you actually deliver your project scope with the ...

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PMI Changes: The Three Dimensions of Project Management Professional Development

Back in 2013, the Project Management Institute (PMI) released a startling figure that 15.7 million new project management roles would be added globally across seven project intensive industries by 20201. The statistic was contained in a report – PMI Project Management Talent Gap Report – which was to form the foundation for a number of further talent management research pieces released over the next two years, the series is called “The ...

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What is the Alternative to Brain-Storming in Risk Management?

It’s hard to get energized about risk, especially since risk is inherent. As we explore potential risk events, they grow. So, the real issue is not how to get rid of risk, but rather how to manage it. And, although that takes a lot of time and energy, perhaps new perspectives can be gained if risk is looked at from a project life cycle perspective. In the initiation phase, we ...

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Project Managers and Steering Committees

Everything you need to know about the Steering Committee What is a steering committee and what does it do? The steering committee is the most senior decision-making body on a project. Sometimes it’s also called the project board or the steering board. This is the decision-making body that authorizes the project to start and to progress from one phase to the next based on the information that is provided to ...

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Six Tips for Managing Up for Project Managers

“Managing Up” is Vital If you are a busy business analyst or project manager or even if you combine both roles by necessity, you already know by experience that “managing up” is a big deal. Failure to influence your boss’s boss, sponsors and anyone else more senior to you to pay attention to important project details and give you their buy in and commitment can have very serious consequences. Managing ...

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Project Management Salaries

The Project Management Institute (PMI) have just released their latest Project Management Salary Survey report called “Earning Power”. The top level average salary of all the respondents from across the world (26,000 took part) is $81,000 (ÂŁ53,088). The survey however includes respondents from all levels of the project management industry from Chief Executive Officers; Directors of Project Management, Portfolio Managers; Programme/Project Managers and supporting roles like PMO. If we take ...

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