Why Prioritisation Matters in Strategy Execution

Strategy execution, in its simplest definition, is all about ensuring the strategy set by an organisation is achieved through action by those working in an organisation. The initial action, which tends to require a change for the organisation, is achieved through portfolio, programme and project management. In his webinar, Prof ...

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How to Get Projects From Strategy

This is a question I’m hearing quite a lot at the moment: How do I turn my company’s strategy into actual projects? It’s good to have a strategy, of course. But a strategy that stays in a fancy PowerPoint presentation isn’t helpful to anyone. That’s not a strategy, it’s a ...

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From Projects to Operations

The successful implementation of organisational strategy happens through projects. Project teams make the required changes to help the business move from where it is now to where it wants to be, either through a series of small changes or through larger, transformative change. But there’s a part in that process ...

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Strategy Execution is an Evolving Art

Back in 2007 the American Management Association [1] conducted a study which defined “strategy” and “strategy execution” as: “strategy, “a major plan that an organization makes to attain a defined and positive business goal,” and strategy execution, “the process of implementing such plans and achieving such goals.” They also stated back ...

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