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Strategic Risk Management and Projects

Experienced managers know the value of the ‘elevator view’, that is, knowing when to press the button for the top floor to look down at the bigger picture, and when to descend to the ground floor to get down ‘amongst the weeds’. From the top floor, we can observe how the elements of our organisation, the projects, programmes, and portfolios, combine to deliver our organisation’s strategic objectives. At the ground ...

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The Insights Behind the Project Management Trends

Strategy Execution released the top ten trends for 2019 a few weeks ago and my first thoughts were; we’re seeing a lot of them in the PMO community which is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. When we look back over the last decade we can clearly see how much has changed for people working in project management. The methods used; the leadership styles; the technology utilised; the ...

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The Top Five Skills for Project Leaders

Business leaders and corporate executives need to find the optimal way to achieve growth while at the same time, manage the risks. But when deciding which initiatives to pursue and how to allocate limited resources among them, organisations often don’t choose well. All business initiatives are achieved through projects, so assessing and ranking these projects in order of importance to the business strategy give organisations the confidence to embrace risk. The ...

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Is Your Strategic Project at Risk Due to Poor Implementation of Proven Project Management Practices?

According to the PMI’s Pulse of the Profession, 52% of projects completed in the last 12 months experienced scope creep. This is a significant increase from 43% reported five years ago. The Project Management Institute also reports that in the projects that were deemed failures, the following causes were contributing factors: change in project objectives (37%), inaccurate requirements gathering (35%), inadequate vision or goal for project (29%), failure to identify ...

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Applying New Skills in the Project Workplace with Coaching

However good our intentions might be, we forget things very quickly after we’ve learnt them. Research from Hermann Ebbinghaus (1850-1909) over a hundred years ago tested the theory, and it still holds true today. In organisations today, they’re concerned with learning and development budgets and how they can ensure that any training investment – both in terms of money and time – brings benefits to employees; sees an increase in ...

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Our Top 10 Project Trends for 2019

At every level, leaders of project-based work are forced to be more responsive to unanticipated market shifts, more resilient to unpredicted disruptions, and more adaptive in situations where what “has always worked” no longer does. Business 2.0 has arrived and adaptive project leadership skills are even more in demand. The most effective leaders will be those that work to complement their traditional project management tools with an advanced skill set, ...

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The Project Management Gatherings

There is a popular phrase that sums up project management, the four Ps – product, process, projects and of course people. It’s the four combined that make effective project management. The people element is arguably the hardest to get right – managing teams; resolving conflict; demonstrating leadership; managing performance; dealing with ‘resources’. The list goes on, the everyday interactions between each other all building to, hopefully, a successful outcome for ...

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How to Continuously Review Your Strategic Project

Regular retrospectives are a popular part of Agile development methodologies. In contrast, large strategic projects, that don’t use Agile, tend to only be reviewed during the closure phase, when it’s too late to course correct and feed the lessons back into the project. There are many advantages of reviewing a project regularly, throughout its lifecycle. You get a chance to make adjustments to suboptimal processes whilst the project is still ...

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