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3 Easy Ways To Improve Strategic Success

It often feels like the advice on how to improve project success is either very, very difficult to implement, or surprisingly easy. This article highlights three of the latter – easy – ways to boost your chances at delivering on your strategic initiatives. Because it doesn’t have to be hard to make little steps in the right direction. OK, so you don’t have an expert facilitator and the budget to ...

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Why is Portfolio Management so Critical to Strategy Implementation?

In recent years, portfolio management has evolved from an administrative process, in which projects are selected and prioritised, to one of the key ways in which organisations can focus on strategy implementation. This is achieved, in the most part, through the enhancement of strategic dialogue amongst the management team and, most crucially, the alignment of projects around the most critical strategic initiatives. In this article I talk about the latest developments ...

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Leading with Vision – Why Having a Clear Vision is Key to Project Success

The ability to identify, articulate and share a clear vision for the project is one of the key ingredients to project success. When we run projects we must begin with the end in mind as Stephen Covey put it in his best-selling book; The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Beginning with the end in mind – in a project context – is about envisioning what we ultimately would like ...

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7 Reasons Why Your Project Management Methodology Is Letting You Down

Are you getting the results that you expect on your projects? You have aligned your top initiatives to your corporate strategy. You’ve got great communication going on. You’ve implemented a PMO and they’re doing a fantastic job. But something is still missing. There’s something the project delivery teams can’t quite put their finger on. There’s a general sense of unhappiness at the way things are done but it is proving ...

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The Adaptive PMO

In a recent webinar from Strategy Execution – Conquering the Challenge of Adopting Lean and Agile in Organisations – there were a number of insights which can help PMOs to start thinking about the role they can play in overcoming some of the challenges. The PMO conversation today about Lean and Agile has been primarily focused at the delivery level. Questions such as – how do the PMO services and ...

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The Changing Role of the Business Analyst

The role of the business analyst is changing, providing more value than ever to the organizations that employ business analysts. Even ten years ago, BAs might expect their career to progress into project management if they wanted to move up the career ladder. Nowadays, there are plenty of lead BAs managing teams of business analysts on complex projects, others working on business architecture and Target Operating Models at the enterprise ...

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Strategy from the Bottom Up

What comes to mind when you think about creating a company strategy? Todd C. Williams puts it like this, in his book, Filling Execution Gaps: “Visionaries define where the company can go. Executives select the options that appear to make business sense, set goals for their development, and identify initiatives to meet those goals. Middle managers decompose those initiatives into programmes and constituent projects in order to build and implement ...

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4 Pillars in the Leadership Stack

Successful leadership relies on it on being distributed. We need leaders at all levels in our businesses. The days are gone when the CEO in the top floor suite was considered the only leader in the place. Strategic execution – the process of getting your business goals actually delivered – also relies on leadership being distributed throughout the organisation. If you want to transform your business, deliver reliably and have ...

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