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Soft Skills Training – What Do Project Managers Really Do?

In this year’s Project Management Benchmark Report released by Arras People, an annual report that looks into the roles within project management, there was a new section under scrutiny. Soft skills training. We know that much of the focus of training and development spend is on accreditation and courses that provide certification. Most of these courses focus on what I would call the ‘technical’ side of project management. Yet, we ...

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5 Skills for Project Sponsors

When project teams come together for the first time, the skills of the resources are mapped against the skills needed to be able to deliver the project successfully. This analysis shows where there are gaps. As a result, anyone in the team who needs training will get it. If they don’t, there is a chance that the project won’t finish successfully due to lack of ability on the part of ...

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Forget Project Management…It’s Project Leadership that Counts!

“I’ve worked with my stakeholders to identify their requirements. I’ve talked to my experts to work out the scope of my project and estimate each task. I’ve painstakingly put together the schedule and budget and documented it all in a project specification. I’ve even agreed on a risk and governance plan with my sponsor. I’ve had the project kickoff and distributed the work packages. So how come nothing is happening? ...

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10 Timesavers For Your Project

I wish there were more hours in the day. I say this to myself at least once a day, normally as I’m reluctantly turning off my laptop about 8.30pm and winding down for the evening. If I had more time I’d craft more, spend more time with my family, exercise and bake. Not necessarily in that order. Oh, and I’d probably be more productive on my projects and have fewer ...

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What is Your Project Learning Style?

There is a lot of importance placed on continuous learning: if you’ve done your PMP® study and passed the exam you’ll know that professional education doesn’t stop when you get your certificates. Many professional bodies have an obligation for members to carry on learning so that their skills are up to date. We also learn at an organisational level: capturing project lessons learned in order to build company knowledge and ...

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5 Advanced Training Options for the PMO

It is a question that gets asked a lot by people who work in PMOs – “What are the best training courses for me to pursue?”. The problem for a lot of people who do work within the PMO is that on the face of it there doesn’t appear to be many options. Aside from the project management led accreditation and certifications from bodies such as the PMI and IPMA ...

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How to Effectively Direct and Delegate to a New Person on Your Team

Have you ever been in a situation where a new person joins your team and you wonder what the best approach would be to direct them? If the person is more junior than you, you may not have thought so much about it. But when the new team member is senior and knows a great deal about the subject matter you may have considered how to interact with them a ...

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10 Project Management Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

We begin the New Year, as is tradition, with a look ahead to the top 10 project management trends for 2015 that have been identified by our senior executives and subject matter experts. The headline news is that project managers will experience many changes in the year ahead, which will impact them in a number of ways – but none more significantly than the growing need for project outcomes to ...

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