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The PMO – Context is King Part 2

In part 1, I covered the first half of the list that my group came up with when asked to explore the actions and questions that they would present to senior members of their organisation, when thinking about their PMO. In part 2, I will cover the second half of the list. So to recap… During a PMO seminar I was running, great progress was being made on coming up ...

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The PMO – Context is King Part 1

During a PMO seminar I had been running, great progress was being made on coming up with flash points relating to the value that the PMO can bring to their organisations. One of the delegates Luca had given some real insights into how their organisation attributed value to the useful work of the PMO, and revealed that the organisation’s main focus was on ‘efficiencies’. Luca also explained that he thought ...

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Urgently Wanted: Project Manager

I was thinking in my car again the other day, but this time I had rather too much time on my hands. I was stuck in a traffic jam. Now, it has been some time since I had been in this unfortunate position, but that it seems, is down to luck on my part. This is because…

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Volcanic Action

We have all been affected recently, either directly or indirectly, the ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Directly through delayed travel plans or indirectly through the impact of flight cancellations.  In my case I was due to be at the London Book Fair to help discussions over the rights sale of my book – The Lazy Project Manager – but the book fair was all but closed due to the ...

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Are you on the Right Path? – Leading Indicators can Shine a Light or be your Compass

Leaders often realise that getting better in Project Management or Business Analysis is a journey not a destination.  There are short, medium and long term benefits of such an improvement programme that have tactical and strategic impact.  Leading indicators are a great compass to make sure that you are heading in the right direction.  Not a guarantee of success, just a belief that if you are doing more of a ...

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Project Management and Stock Price: Is there a Connection? – Part 2

In part one of this post I highlighted the direct connection between stock price and project management but let’s put aside this thought of attempting to make a direct connection between stock price and project management for the moment and look at it from another angle—our client’s perspective.  In our work with clients large and small they’ve seen what happens when they make the commitment to project management in their ...

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Project Management and Stock Price: Is there a connection: Part 1

In my work with executives who are making an investment in project management, I’m often asked the question: “Will project management drive up our stock price?”  Some believe that connecting good project management with a rise in their stock price is the only way to convince senior management that their training or consulting investment has been worthwhile. But is a company’s stock price, and specifically, a rise in the stock ...

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