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Who Should be on the Team?

So who should be members of a project office? Well in a previous article I argued that actually you need to consider what you’re looking for from your project office. This in turn then, surely helps to dictate who should be members; some possible examples include, (but are by no means limited to) the following:

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Where Was It?

Now where was it!!!! Never underestimate the importance of effective filing systems within a project.  It is great to have mountains of information and resources but if no one knows where to access this information, they are nowhere near as valuable. I have often been in a position, where a vital piece of information that I required to help me run the project or aid in discussions with a client ...

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New at Project Management

Since I spend some time driving in my car, and thinking, the thought crossed my mind when I saw two recent LinkedIn discussions going on about new project managers that this was a little like learning to drive. The requests were both for guidance in moving into project management and in becoming a junior project manager.

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Green Project Management

I have been doing a lot of driving recently, which I enjoy as it gives me a lot of time to myself to think. One of the topics that I have been thinking a lot about is ‘Green’ project management and sustainability in general. I was fortunate enough to attend the IPMA International Expert Seminar (Zurich) back in February which focused on sustainability of projects in the future. This was a ...

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Should we be Managing or Engaging Stakeholders in Programme Management?

The term often used in programme management – in fact it is even used in the PMI Standard for Programme Management 2nd Edition – is Stakeholder Management. In reality Stakeholder Engagement is what we need to aspire to, as ‘managed’ stakeholders often find a way to avoid being managed! Engaged stakeholders are actively involved and see the value of continuing that involvement throughout the programme.  If we can stretch an ...

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Understanding Programme Management

One of the major stumbling blocks about understanding what programme management is, really is about the difficulty in focusing on benefits rather than deliverables. With a single project – here we can take the definition of a project from the Fourth Edition of the PMBOK® Guide –  “a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product service or result”, the focus is often on the creation of a product whilst ...

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PMO Prophets – A Case Study, Part 3

And so we come to the concluding episode of our hypothetical PMO saga. In our second examination of the PMO case study featuring “Company B” we projected how the company might address its project management issues by the creation of a professionally staffed PMO (or two).  In our last scenario, we ended with the suggestion that with the departure of the incumbent Head of PMO, the next level of functional ...

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