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A View on the Role of the PMO

There is a contradiction at the heart of many PMOs. Who is the master of an office for management of project or programme?

There is a choice of at least two who have different focus and thus needs.

I have run/set-up several large PMOs over the years during which time I’ve seen that I had to choose whose confidences I had to respect absolutely.

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Much of modern PM thinking is clumsy and lacks insight

Have you ever watched Joe Public on an ice rink? A few glide gracefully by while the majority wobble badly, grab each other in panicky moments of instability that cause others to wobble all around them. I’ll re-ask that: when you observe how your organisation executes the average change initiative would you describe the performance with words such as graceful, elegant and efficient or clumsy, faltering and inefficient? Perhaps some, of ...

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