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Should we be Managing or Engaging Stakeholders in Programme Management?

The term often used in programme management – in fact it is even used in the PMI Standard for Programme Management 2nd Edition – is Stakeholder Management. In reality Stakeholder Engagement is what we need to aspire to, as ‘managed’ stakeholders often find a way to avoid being managed! Engaged stakeholders are actively involved and see the value of continuing that involvement throughout the programme.  If we can stretch an ...

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Understanding Programme Management

One of the major stumbling blocks about understanding what programme management is, really is about the difficulty in focusing on benefits rather than deliverables. With a single project – here we can take the definition of a project from the Fourth Edition of the PMBOK® Guide –  “a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product service or result”, the focus is often on the creation of a product whilst ...

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PMO Prophets – A Case Study, Part 3

And so we come to the concluding episode of our hypothetical PMO saga. In our second examination of the PMO case study featuring “Company B” we projected how the company might address its project management issues by the creation of a professionally staffed PMO (or two).  In our last scenario, we ended with the suggestion that with the departure of the incumbent Head of PMO, the next level of functional ...

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PMO Prophets – A Case Study, Part 1

It is said that a prophet is never recognised in his/her own land. Let me hypothesise a case in point.   Two professionally-qualified project managers working for an organisation (“Company B” in the representational Model #1 below), with turnover in the billions, write a paper detailing why its major projects keep failing and what needs to be done to address the problem. The main thrust of their proposal is that project ...

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To Certify or Not to Certify – That is the Question!

A while back I worked within an enterprise Project Management Office and had the job title “Special Projects Manager”. Now some of may see this as a glorified way to describe the guy who gets all the jobs that the Director doesn’t want to do!  And whilst you may be partially right, it did allow me to see lots of different areas of the business and gain some really useful ...

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Top Reasons for the Failure of a PMO

Because there are so many theories floating around as to why PMO’s fail, it is sometimes hard to know where to start! I have found a good place to begin is often with people’s experiences and observations. Here are some reasons for PMO failure that I have put together based on conversations with other project managers and my own observations.

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