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Top Reasons for the Failure of a PMO

Because there are so many theories floating around as to why PMO’s fail, it is sometimes hard to know where to start! I have found a good place to begin is often with people’s experiences and observations. Here are some reasons for PMO failure that I have put together based on conversations with other project managers and my own observations.

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Portfolio Management – The Secret Ingredients Part 2

When I last posted a couple of days ago, I was following my client on his journey to implement Portfolio management within his organisation.  Read on for what happened next… Having started the implementation effort as recommended by the CEO of his company, my client was kind enough to divulge some of the ‘secret’ ingredients, that he felt had helped his organisation to draw all of the elements of portfolio ...

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Portfolio Management – The Secret Ingredients Part 1

If we recognise that Portfolio Management gives the answers to the questions: Are we doing the right initiatives to achieve organisational strategy? Are we doing initiatives that deliver the business benefits? Could we better invest our limited resources, stopping some initiatives and investing in others? Why then are some organisations more attuned to these processes, systems, governance arrangement and roles to improve the definition and delivery of their change portfolio, ...

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PMO’s – Enabling and Restraining

What has the P3O® (Portfolio, Programme Project Offices) guidance that was published in 2008 by the UK Office of Government Commerce got to do with Yin and Yang? The Chinese ancients believed that Yin and Yang is the interplay of opposites and stresses the importance of balance. “All things connote the Yin and the Yang, and the Yin and the Yang keep acting upon each other and thus things keep ...

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A View on the Role of the PMO

There is a contradiction at the heart of many PMOs. Who is the master of an office for management of project or programme?

There is a choice of at least two who have different focus and thus needs.

I have run/set-up several large PMOs over the years during which time I’ve seen that I had to choose whose confidences I had to respect absolutely.

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Much of modern PM thinking is clumsy and lacks insight

Have you ever watched Joe Public on an ice rink? A few glide gracefully by while the majority wobble badly, grab each other in panicky moments of instability that cause others to wobble all around them. I’ll re-ask that: when you observe how your organisation executes the average change initiative would you describe the performance with words such as graceful, elegant and efficient or clumsy, faltering and inefficient? Perhaps some, of ...

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