The benefits of becoming PMP certified
Benefits of Becoming PMP Certified

The PMP certification is the most globally recognised Project Management certification.

 7 Good Reasons to Become PMP Certified

 If you are asking yourself "why should I become PMP certified?" then here are seven key benefits of holding a PMP certification.

1. The PMP Certification allows you to be seen as an established project management professional and an expert and a leader

Stay ahead of your peers within your company. You can use the credential to educate your peers and act as a mentor and leader within your workplace, gaining respect and confidence within your workplace.

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2. Get a higher salary with the PMP certification

 Once you have become certified, you will become more attractive employers and be seen as being highly knowledgeable. Consequently, employers will be willing to pay a bigger salary to hire you. A recent study by the PMI showed that established Project Managers who have held the PMP Certification for between 10-20 years, earn on average, 20% more than those who have no PMP Certification. *

3. The PMP certification puts you at a competitive advantage

 Make yourself more attractive to employers. Project managers seeking new employment will be at a 
competitive advantage amongst those without the certification as you’ll be seen to have more knowledge / understanding.

4. Increase revenue for your organisation

 If you are acting as a contractor, did you know that your company can charge clients more money by using a certified project manager to deliver a project. This is because you will be seen as being more credible and clients will have more confidence in your ability to deliver the project within time, scope and budget, so they will be willing to pay more money.

5. The PMP certification demonstrates your commitment to on-going learning and continuing education

 Once you have achieved the PMP certification, you will be seen as a dedicated project management professional and highly knowledgeable.

6. The PMP certification enables you to develop a common language and improve communication skills

 The PMP Certification means that you speak a common language within the project management field so that you can communicate more effectively amongst your peers.

7. The PMP certification offers international recognition and widens your global professional network

As the PMI is a globally established organisation, and provides you with tremendous networking opportunities with other PMPs across the globe. Get an understanding of how other countries / companies around the world handle their projects and exchange hints and tips with each other.

* Statistics taken from PMI’s 2013 Salary Survey, 8th Edition. (Figures shown represent the overall average across the UK, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, UAE, Ireland, Netherlands Belgium and Switzerland).

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Maintaining your PMP Certification

Maintaining your PMP Certification

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