Project Management

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Foundational Certificate

Project management

Complete three courses within two years

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Must be taken
At least one must be taken
NO more than one may be taken


  • Managing IT Projects cannot be taken if Managing Projects was taken
  • IT Risk Management cannot be taken if Risk Management was taken

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Professional Certificate

project management

Complete seven courses within four years

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At least three must be taken
Four may be taken
no more than two may be taken
  • Project Planning Analysis and Control course can qualify as the ‘Required’ course in lieu of Managing Projects. 
  • Students must adhere to the restrictions specified on the specific course pages.
  • Each course may be applied to only one associate’s certificate. However, all courses applied to the Associate’s Certificate in Project Management may also be applied toward specific master’s certificate requirements.
  • Courses for experienced project managers and exam preparation courses do not apply to the Associate's Certificate in Project Management.