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Lean and Agile Project Management

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Delivery Method PDU Total Technical PMP/PgMp Leadership Strategy PMI RMP PMI SP PMI ACP PfMP PMI PBA
Instructor-Led Training 15 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Delivery Method Instructor-Led Training
PDU Total 15
Technical PMP/PgMp 0
Leadership 0
Strategy 0
PfMP 0
  • CEUs: .75

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Perfect for senior managers/executives to further understanding of lean and agile. Discover how executives can foster measurable success leveraging lean and agile, and how to successfully interact with the new lean and agile elements of your organisation.

Lean and Agile Project Management is an activity-driven, “nuts-and-bolts” course that teaches participants how to promote value-based, high-quality, accelerated delivery of projects in a sustainable manner. The course details the role and responsibilities of a Product Owner and how other roles in the project and portfolio space collaborate and work together in a lean and agile environment. It addresses expectations of the Product Owner and other roles related to portfolio management, requirements gathering, project planning, valuating, estimating and other activities. The course assumes foundational elements of Lean and Agile and at least one of the two principle lean and agile delivery methods are known.

  • Describe the goals of project management and traditional approaches to project management
  • Compare and contrast traditional project management to Lean and Agile project management and describe the benefits and challenges of each
  • Explain the life cycle of Lean and Agile projects
  • Compare and contrast the roles on Lean and Agile project teams and the concepts of mastery behind them
  • Apply Lean and Agile approaches to project planning
  • Describe the importance of communication and collaboration and other considerations to the success of Lean and Agile project execution
  • Traditional Project Management

    Goals of Project Management

    What Is Project Management?

    What Are the Phases of Waterfall?

    Project Management Steps

    Estimates and Traditional Project Management

    Complexity and Traditional Project Management

    Pros and Cons of Traditional Project Management


  • Lean and Agile Project Management

    Transition to Lean and Agile Project Management

    The Agile Manifesto: Values

    What is Lean and Agile Project Management

    Who Uses Lean and Agile Project Management?

    Benefits of Lean and Agile  project management

    Challenges of Lean and Agile Project Management

    Balancing Architecture

    The Life Cycle of Lean and Agile Projects

    Factors to Enable Lean and Agile Adoption

  • Lean and Agile Project Roles

    What Is Mastery?

    What Is Shu Ha Ri?

    Project Organisation

    Characteristics of the Core Team

    Core Team Members

    Project Manager vs. Scrum Master

    Business Owner vs. Product Owner

    Traditional Manager vs. Agile Manager

    Service Providers?

  • Lean and Agile Project Planning

    Goal of Planning

    The Team Struggle – Communication

    The Project Struggle – Communication

    Managing Work and Communications with Multiple Teams

    Collaborate to See the Whole

    Pareto Principal in Planning

    Getting Started: Seven Steps to Create a Project Plan

    Identify Technical Debt

    Identify Dependencies

    Identify Risks

    Forms of Project Plans

    Top Tools

    Definition of Estimate

    Absolute Estimation

    Relative Estimation

    Five Types of Estimates

    Estimating - Understanding Context

    Dispelling the Myth: Planning

    Dispelling the Myth: Releases



  • Considerations for Lean and Agile Project Execution

    The Life Cycle of Lean and Agile Projects: Work and Deliver

    Project Execution

    Project Metrics and Artifacts

    Applying Lean to Project Management

    Project Communication

    Project Meeting Cadence

    Tips for Effective Meetings

    Dispelling the Myth: Scaling

    Managing Work and Communications with Multiple Teams

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