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Online Project Management Training Courses: Learning at Your Own Pace, from Anywhere

Strategy Execution's e-Training courses are an easy way to get the online project management training you need. Our convenient online system gives you the flexibility of logging in anytime to review course materials at a pace that's right for you. Each class is highly interactive and features real-life case studies along with the opportunity to collaborate with the instructor and other participants through online message boards and e-mail.

With our online project management courses, you can work toward earning a Master's, Associate's or a professional certificate from Strategy Execution and our academic partner, The George Washington University.

 Available Online Project Management Training

Our newly updated and refurbished e-Training courses span across our curricula and are designed to empower and develop our learners to meet today’s demands.

Our new digital product, being rolled out throughout 2018, is:

  • Modern: Learning interface has a clean and updated look and feel
  • Interactive: More learner interactions and improved visuals per page
  • Intuitive: User-friendly navigation and continuity between courses
  • Easier to Digest: Content is provided in a smaller, bite-sized learner format

 e-Training for the future


Instead of long full-course blocks, each course will be broken down into bite-sized learning modules. Within every module,
each objective is segmented into smaller learning-on-demand sections that allow the learner to:

e-Training Learn icon 

Learn: Access the theory and knowledge behind a particular topic

e-Training practice icon Practice: Engage in knowledge checks to ensure understanding

e-Training Review icon  Review: Reflect on the learnings to connect the content to your work

e-Training adopt icon 

Adopt: Commit to an action plan to implement what has been learned

Each of these digestible modules provides short pieces of content, followed immediately by a chance to practice comprehension of that content. In this way, learners are not flooded with information all at once and asked to repeat back the learnings at the end of the course.

Added Flexibility

Learners have the opportunity to revisit any of the four steps of the process at any time. The order is not dictated to them. For example, if learners want to go back and review something after they’ve written in their action plan or learn a concept again in order to improve your practice, the e-Training platform caters to those needs. We understand that each individual learns differently and want to provide a contextualised, on-demand experience to enable success.

Make a Commitment to Action!

A key feature of having a complete learning process built into each module: learners are given an opportunity to relate each module to their work context and make a commitment to action – with a self-established deadline – within the learning portal.

e-Training action 

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