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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

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Delivery Method PDU Total Technical PMP/PgMp Leadership Strategy PMI RMP PMI SP PMI ACP PfMP PMI PBA
Instructor-Led Training 22.5 22.5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Delivery Method Instructor-Led Training
PDU Total 22.5
Technical PMP/PgMp 22.5
Leadership 0
Strategy 0
PfMP 0
  • CEUs: 2.2
  • CPEs: 27
  • Field of Study: Management Advisory Services

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This course presents a structured approach for tackling problems, opportunities and decisions that will ultimately help achieve better results—whether innovating, managing crises or planning for the future. The course addresses the five types of critical thinking needed in business environments: strategic thinking, tactical thinking, analytical thinking, innovative thinking and implicative thinking.

Through exercises, delegates will practice using these different thinking approaches to achieve maximum results. They will also have the opportunity to apply these concepts to a specific problem or opportunity from their own business environment, share newly learned approaches with classmates and give and receive feedback on those approaches.It also teaches a proven five-step process for responding to business problems and opportunities. 

  • Use different thinking approaches at different times to yield better results
  • Generate innovative responses to business problems and opportunities
  • Assess your own thinking style preferences
  • Think in the present to prepare for the future
  • Determine the root cause of business problems and opportunities
  • Apply different types of thinking for improved analysis and problem solving
  • Assess possible responses accurately to select an optimal response
  • Design and execute appropriate action plans
  • Strategy Execution's Critical Thinking Model

    Analytical thinking

    Strategic thinking

    Tactical thinking

    Innovative thinking

    Implicative thinking

  • Problem and Opportunity Identification and Analysis

    Identification and analysis

    Environmental scan

    Response exploration

    Response selection

    Response implementation

    Active vs. passive problem/opportunity identification

    “As is” vs. “To be” Tools and techniques for problem/opportunity identification

    Process flowcharting

    Root cause analysis

  • Environmental Scan

    What is an environmental scan?

    Internal scan

    External scan

    Stakeholder scan

    Business architecture

    Your business processes/business rules

  • Response Exploration

    Tools and techniques for exploring new and unique responses

    Other innovative thinking approaches

  • Response Selection




    Capability and value analysis

    Response prioritisation matrix

    Decision trees

    Implications analysis

  • Response Implementation

    Communicating the optimal response

    Gaining acceptance by stakeholders

    Managing expectations

    Saying “no” to high profile stakeholders

    Building an action plan

    Ensuring ownership and commitment

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