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Save on online project management courses with course packs

Strategy Execution has made available three online course packs on our e-training platform that include handpicked courses to help you build the critical skills needed to execute projects in today’s complex business environment.  Each pack consists of three online training courses.

Course Pack Subscriptions

These online course packages have been designed to support you through the different stages of your career, whether you are new to Project Management or an experienced professional.

The benefits for you:

  • Freedom of Learning: Get access to the online training course pack for six months. If you need more time, you can extend the access for an additional three months.
  • Great Learning Experience: The new platform was built to replicate the classroom learning experience with highly interactive video, graphics and easy to digest content provided in small, bite-sized chunks and user-friendly navigation.
  • Cost Saving: Each course pack costs £1800 + (VAT) instead of £2,685 + (VAT) which is almost the equivalent of getting three e-training courses for the price of two! Extending the online access beyond six months can be done for an additional three months at a cost of £800.

#1: Developing Great Project Leaders Online Course Pack

Our Leadership online course pack is a comprehensive leadership programme covering 3 core areas to provide a holistic understanding of leadership:

  1. Traditional leadership skills in project management- essential motivational, leadership and effective communication skills will be covered by our Project Leadership, Management and Communications course.
  2. The New project management environment enabling you to understand the difference between a complicated vs complex environment, how to identify the two and how to adapt your leadership/communication style accordingly. With Making Sense of Complexity, students will learn how to recognise, diagnose and respond appropriately to complex environments and situation.
  3. Finally, – the course Influencing Without Authority enables you to build credibility and effectively influence stakeholders. Essentially how to get work done - whether managing up, down, across or vertically within organisations.
#2: New Project Manager Kick Start Online Course Pack

Our Project Management Kick Start package was designed to provide everything you need to begin managing projects correctly by completing 3 key courses:

  1. Managing Projects covers the full project cycle from start to finish giving you that base knowledge.
  2. Eliciting and Managing Requirements gets to the root cause of why most projects encounter difficulties later down the line: the gathering of wrong data requirements.
  3. Project Leadership Management and Communications gives students key leadership qualities, motivational system and effective communication skills for a multitude of different situations to help them lead projects.
#3: Path to PMP Success Online Course Pack

Designed not only to provide the knowledge needed to pass the exam, with extensive study of the PMBOK, practice exams and a structured study plan, but a deeper dive into how these skills can be applied and will benefit the work you do.

This pack is broken down into the following three courses:

  1. Risk Management - how to communicate risk to multiple stakeholders Risk prevention techniques, response.
  2. Scheduling and Cost Control: advanced course designed for project managers to better control time, human resources, materials, budgets and other resource constraints.
  3. PMP Exam Power Preparation: Not only will you put yourself in the best position for exam success but will come away with skills that will give you new approaches to the work you do
  • Varies depending on online course pack
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