The Top 10 Adaptive Leadership Trends for 2018

Traditional Project Management Continues to Evolve Into Blended, Adaptive Approach to Strategy Execution

2018 Adaptive Leadership Trends bannerAs project-based work becomes increasingly intricate and complex, project management has had to evolve into a more practical, blended discipline, incorporating new adaptive approaches and borrowing skill sets from neighboring roles. Organisations are rethinking traditional structures and implementing various methodologies to keep up with the new way and speed of doing business. People in diverse roles, across all levels of organisations, are now required to engage at strategic levels and be part of the decision-making process.

The Top 10 Adaptive Leadership Trends for 2018 discusses:

  • How business complexity affects projects in a multitude of ways
  • The blending of traditional project roles into adaptive leadership skill sets
  • How the prominence of IT and other advanced technology has changed the nature of teams and their projects

These trends reflect a transformation in the way companies organise, innovate, problem solve, and create value. They also speak to a rising need for adaptive leadership to thrive within the changing business environment.