The Adaptive Leader: Cultivating a Mindset to Handle a More Complex World

Learning to Thrive Within Changing Environments

Adaptive Leaders NeededHow do organisations translate their strategic visions into measurable results? Behind the scenes of every strategy are the project leaders responsible for keeping the engine running and ensuring the tactical work gets done. In an increasingly complex environment, balancing the need to achieve strategic goals with responding to market and industry changes is a monumental challenge.

Project leaders must develop an adaptive mindset in order to respond to changes, reconfigure the work, and leverage the right resources. By broadening their skill set and mindset, these adaptive leaders can more effectively manage projects, and -- just as importantly -- choose the right projects to manage.

Among the skills adaptive leaders need in their toolboxes are:

Learn more about how these specific capabilities provide a holistic approach to strategy execution and how they can empower leaders with the right mindset to successfully drive project-based work.

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