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Five Big Changes in Project Management: Is Your Team Up to the Task?

The Evolution of Project-Based Work and the Importance of Project Leadership

Five Big Changes in Project ManagementProject-based work is going through a transformation across the board. This once IT-focused discipline is broadening in scope to support all projects and programmes that move the company forward. This evolution of purpose and people means that the organisation and its workforce need to adapt to ensure projects are successfully implemented and contribute positively to the organisation’s success. 

Five Big Changes in Project Management: Is Your Team Up to the Task? discusses:

  • The broadening scope of project-based work and how projects are becoming more strategic
  • The importance of executive involvement and how to engage stakeholders to get the resources you need to get the work done 
  • Understanding the boundaries of a project and how the measurement of project success transcends on time and on budget

As projects function to support and deliver against business strategies, organisations are embracing project leadership as a required competency for success.

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