Silo Demolition: The End of Traditional Project Roles

Breaking Down Organisational Silos Requires Adaptive Leadership

Article_Silo DemoAs many companies grow in size and scope, they tend to fall into a structure based on business silos – derived from the containers farmers use to store and separate their grains. This silo mentality allowed organisations to establish distinction between job roles and department functions. However, work today has changed so fundamentally because of technology, economic volatility, and globalisation, that organisations are becoming flatter and more agile.This movement toward breaking down silos has changed traditional project roles. Whereas in the past, project workers focused on executing specific tasks and following marching orders, in today’s collaborative environment, job titles don’t necessarily dictate an individual’s ability to lead or make strategic contributions to projects.

Silo Demolition: The End of Traditional Project Roles discusses:

  • How silos present challenges and barriers to getting work done
  • The importance of stretching your network and leveraging relationships to facilitate progress
  • Why cultural alignment and understanding the external environment are critical to successful execution

As business complexity grows, organisations must nurture relationships across silos to discover better solutions to new, emerging problems. Breaking down these organisational barriers is an essential step in broadening networks and empowering adaptive leaders.