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Establishing a Design-Thinking Culture Across the Enterprise

Three Critical Keys Needed to Successfully Scale Design Thinking Across Your Organisation

Design ThinkingIn an effort to drive innovation, design thinking has often been adopted by business units outside of product development, where it originated. The shift toward applying design thinking is a response to the need for speed, agility, and breakthrough solutions to address today's complex business challenges.

Design thinking forces organisations to decide whether upskilling existing talent or hiring new talent will result in the better outcome, for the short-term and long-term. It’s about transforming a company’s talent into strategic thinkers who are fully invested in the mission and future direction, resulting in an increased level of tenacity to overcome resistance, influence others, implement change, and drive innovation.

Strong organisations innovate by fostering an environment where people are driven to use logic, imagination, and reasoning to explore possibilities and solve problems. This is design thinking.

Establishing a Design-Thinking Culture across the Enterprise discusses how to:

  • Envision the future by creating shared understanding
  • Invest in your talent to embed a mindset and skill set
  • Ensure alignment between organisational culture and business objectives

Forward-thinking organisations are focused on creating design-centric cultures that foster new ideas and reshape old ones. They bridge that gap and encourage a healthy dialogue about what’s worked and what hasn’t.