The Project Engine: 3 Characteristics of Adaptive Project Leadership

A Holistic Approach to Adaptive Strategic Execution

Brief_The Project Engine Content GraphicThe discipline of project management is no longer trapped behind organisational silos and limited to a series of ordered processes; it has been replaced by an adaptive and dynamic approach to getting work done. Savvy professionals are learning to solve business problems by borrowing best practices from across disciplines like Agile and business analysis.

The Project Engine: A Holistic Approach to Adaptive Strategic Execution discusses:

  • The three characteristics of adaptive project leadership
  • The definition of the "adaptive mindset" and what it means to leadership
  • Relational and technical skills essential to strategic execution

In order to run a well-oiled machine, business leaders must not only ensure that individual pieces are working properly and groups are functioning efficiently, but also be able to step back and examine the bigger picture. This management technique of zooming in and out is the fundamental skill in adaptive strategic execution, a key to running a strong project engine.