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When Projects and Strategy Intersect: Driving Repeatable Success Through Strategic Training

Increasing Strategic Awareness in Project-Based Work With Training

When Projects and Strategies IntersectWhen project-based work is executed well, there is no difference between executing a project and executing a strategy. They are interconnected. Instead of trying to meet a deadline for one or two pieces of a puzzle, and potentially working on things that don’t add value, project managers with the proper skills know what the completed puzzle is supposed to look like, and how the puzzle fits into the company’s landscape of goals. Project-based workers and project managers that have the complete skills package, incorporating foundational project management, strategic execution and leadership skills are difficult to find, but can be trained from within.

When Projects and Strategy Intersect: Driving Repeatable Success through Strategic Training discusses:

  • Improving situational and strategic awareness skills through training
  • Aligning project management skills with the millennial mindset 
  • Building bench strength and fostering stronger communication through training

Successfully aligning and executing project-based work requires skill. To continue to foster alignment, leaders need to evaluate teams across a range of technical and relational skills that support strong strategy execution alignment.