10 Questions to Ask Your Training Partner

Finding the Leadership Training Provider to Get Your Projects Aligned With Strategy

Ten Questions to Ask Your Training Partner 2The project-based work inherent in every corporate programme, launch or initiative has increasingly become a challenge. Simultaneously, employees without the proper training are increasingly being asked to lead projects, communicate progress and manage without authority. These new skills require new training, and learning requirements are constantly evolving with the emergence of new technologies, disparate skill levels and geographic locations, learning preferences and heightened learner expectations. 

Download 10 Questions to Ask Your Training Partner, as it discusses:

  • Ensuring that the relational skills so important to leadership are addressed, in addition to the foundational and technical skills that will help your team to excel
  • The difference between certificate-focused coaching and strategy-focused learning
  • Identifying the right partner for either an individual training programme or a larger initiative focused on group performance

The investment in the training of project-focused team members is critical to drive overall success and growth within the organisation, along with feeding the personal achievement and retention of individual employees. Ensuring training has a positive impact to business performance may depend on asking potential partners the right questions to highlight key differences between learning options and to best align a training partner to meet and exceed desired results.